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We work with specialist HGV insurance brokers who will provide you a policy that is right for you! We know what HGV insurance brokers will be able to help you the most, providing lorry insurance at competitive prices. Policies are completely tailorable and flexible should you need to make changes at any time.

Whether you are a self-employed driver (known as an owner operator) or someone needing to insure a number of HGV’s, we will be able to help you find the right lorry insurance at the right price!

What is Lorry Insurance?

Lorry insurance is a policy designed specifically for vehicles that are 7.5 tonne or over. It will cover the cab, the trailer, the goods carried, the driver, and anything else you may wish to protect.

HGV Insurance will cover either UK Only, UK and Europe or International cover.

There are a lot of aspects to truck insurance quotes and it is important that you get them right and cover the exact areas that you need cover for.

Many operators within the haulage industry will refer to it as ‘haulage insurance’.

Types of HGV Insurance

HGV insurance is completely tailorable for the driver’s / owners needs. It is however worth noting the primary cover points that make up most HGV policies. The levels of cover you select is up to you.

Contents or Haulage Cover

It goes without saying that HGV’s were made to carry goods belonging to either you or someone else. If you use your truck for commercial gain IE as a haulage contractor, then contents cover is essential to make sure you are properly covered in the event that the goods you carry are broken, lost or stolen.

Public Liability for Lorry Drivers

This type of cover protects you from claims made by the public as a result of negligence on your behalf. Should you reverse your truck into something that then falls or hurts a member of the public. You want to know that you are not personally liable for the damage claim.

European HGV Cover

When you drive on European roads, it will be a legal requirement for you to have insurance for European countries.

Legal fees protection covers the cost of lawyers and all legal fees involved with fighting any case or claim.

Breakdown Recovery

This is essential for any truck driver. Breaking down at the side of the road costs you money. By having correct breakdown cover, you can mitigate this cost as you will be able to get trading again much quicker.

Losing your License

Although this never really happens to responsible license holders, should you lose your license, this cover will ensure you remain covered with a monthly income until you are able to earn again.

HGV Fleet Insurance

If you are in charge of multiple vehicles, a hgv fleet policy may be a better way to go which will enable you to cover multiple vehicles all at once for the same risk levels.

Your policy can also feature:

  • Policy discounts
  • Flexible payment plans – subject to insurer
  • Combined policies
  • Immediate cover available
  • Breakdown cover in the UK and Europe
  • Attached or Detached trailers can be included
  • Costs of defending an action under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 may be included
  • HGV fleet insurance
  • Commercial HGV
  • Goods in transit
  • Employers and public liability cover
  • Personal accident and sickness cover
  • 44 tonne lorry specialists

HGV Cover Essentials

Whether you run a fleet of heavy goods vehicles as part of your business, or just have one or two, having the right insurance is vital. There are many complexities involved when considering your policy. You need to make sure your cover meets the needs of your business. Here is a brief checklist of things to consider when looking for HGV insurance:

  • How many HGVs do you run?
  • How many drivers do you employ?
  • Do you need breakdown cover to be included?
  • Do you need public liability cover as part of your policy? If anyone other than your driver is handling the goods then this is essential.
  • How about the goods you transport – do they need covering too?
  • Do your trucks go abroad as part of your business?

The above are all things that your policy needs to cover. But there’s more.

As well as your HGV insurance adequately covering your needs. Your drivers need to be carrying out their ‘due diligence’ checks before they even start their daily journey. The tyre pressures, engine checks (making sure all the fluids are topped up), and making sure there is no obvious visible damage to the vehicle. Are your maintenance records up to date and accurate?

Do I need HGV Insurance?

If you operate any form of vehicle on UK roads, then yes, you do require insurance by law. If you use a vehicle such as a HGV to transport goods, then although you don’t legally need insurance for those goods, most companies will only use you if you do insure those goods.

Hauling goods across the UK, Europe or even internationally is risky and you would be wise to insure everything and not just the lorry.

Can I get a Cheap Lorry Insurance Policy?

Like any policy, insurance premiums depend on your risk profile. If you build up your no claims bonus, keep a clean drivers licence and maintain your operators licence, then yes, it is likely that your policy will be cheaper. If you have a bad track record however, it is unlikely that any policy will be as competitive to that of a good track record.

Saving Money on your Lorry Insurance

Everyone wants to save money on their HGV insurance. It is often the burden everyone hates to pay but is actually, potentially the only thing saving your business when things go wrong.

We recommend that in order for us to help you best, have all your lorry insurance policy documents ready, or, if you are a new venture, have all relevant financial details available for yourself including any proof of No Claims Bonus on another policy (it may be transferrable).

Here are some ways to save on your HGV Insurance policy:

  • Limit the amount of drivers
  • Don’t insure more mileage that you will not do
  • Do everything you can to keep your no claims bonus and prove your ability to drive
  • Get your operators license if you don’t already have one
  • Fit a tracker to the vehicle
  • Fit a dash cam to the vehicle
  • Compare lorry insurance

Companies should also train drivers properly to carry the goods they transport. You should also provide regular refresher training to ensure they don’t fall into bad habits.

Your drivers should be taking breaks and correctly documenting them. EU law states that a driver must take a 45-minute break every 4.5 hours.

Being a HGV driver is hard work but it also has benefits – getting to see the wider world (via the motorway most of the time but even so), listening to your favourite music without anyone complaining that they’re fed up of hearing it, or getting to read a book without interruptions when you have a break.

Why use Total Insurance?

The brokers we use have years of experience in providing HGV insurance to haulage firms. They constantly work to bring down the cost of your HGV cover by negotiating with their extensive board of insurers.

  • Specialist HGV brokers
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We will connect you with FCA regulated companies that will provide you competitive HGV Insurance.