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Fleet Insurance

  • Any Size Fleet Coverable

  • Cars, Vans, Taxis, Couriers, Trucks and More

  • Fully Tailorable Policies

  • HUGE Introductory Discounts!

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Fleet Insurance

  • Any Size Fleet Coverable

  • Cars, Vans, Taxis, Couriers, Trucks and More

  • Fully Tailorable Policies

  • Introductory Discounts!

0203 876 5048

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best insurance comparioson company

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What is Fleet Insurance?

You may have heard the term floating around, but without knowing exactly what fleet insurance is, it’s difficult to understand the benefits that it can provide for those that own a commercial enterprise.

Fleet insurance allows you to purchase cover for all of your company’s vehicles under one single broker, provided there are three or more vehicles in use under the business’ name.

Total Fleet Insurance’s brokers are flexible; your fleet can be mixed in vehicle types and we will still cover all of your vehicles under a single policy. With this in mind, fleet policies are typically a lot less hassle to manage, and could provide considerable discounts.

The benefits of a fleet policy

Fleet insurance allows a policy to be tailored more specifically to the needs of your business than other policies can normally allow. Resultantly, your business is able to benefit from a bulk discount. Usually, the larger the size of the fleet that is on the policy, the larger the discount that can be accumulated on the policy is. Our brokers cover fleets of any size, from three to thousands – the more the merrier!

Structurally, fleet policies differ from other vehicle insurance policies in the sense that they do not usually rely on a system of no-claims bonus in order to calculate discounts. Instead, larger fleets calculate the total cost of claims over a fixed period of time, and the cost of the premium is adjusted accordingly. A lower total claims value will lead to a higher discount, and therefore a lower premium on your policy.

What types of coverage do we deal with?

The Law in the UK requires Third Party coverage as a minimum for your fleet of vehicles, however this type of cover can be extremely limited if it is used for a commercial fleet. Instead, it may be more sensible to seek Comprehensive cover as a standard form of cover. Indeed, some brokers may even provide Comprehensive cover as their bassline coverage for fleet policies and the Third-party coverage options are usually reserved for singular vehicles that fall under specialist or unique categories. Whilst the cheaper price may be attractive to anyone looking to insure their commercial fleet, it is important to consider some of the implications of using Third-party cover for a fleet. These implications can be the exclusion to cover theft of any vehicle that is unattended, or mechanical breakdowns on your vehicle.

The most comprehensive form of fleet cover will not only cover damages to the vehicles, but will also cover personal and business costs that may be a result of an accident.

Unique Coverage and Extra’s

There are two different variants of unique coverage in the motor fleet category. It is important to note that whilst some cover may be applicable to all industries of trade, other categories are exclusive to certain trades.

You may also want to consider what add-ons and extras brokers can offer on top of their bassline insurance coverage such as replacing any locks for keys that are either stolen or lost.

Unique cover options:

  • Public and employee liability insurance – In order to ensure that your customers are kept safe and secure, it is important to look into employee liability insurance cover. It is also essential to protect your business from any potential claims from the public as a result of injury, or any damages that may occur to a person or property.
  • Own Goods Coverage – cover for equipment that is required by your employees in order to successfully complete their work. This may apply to those in craftsmen trades such as electricians
  • Haulage Insurance – Haulage insurance is provided to businesses that have transport services that run over long distances. Courier insurance may also be

Viable in this instance so it may be worth giving us a call, in order to find out which insurance type would be better suited to your own business needs.

Add-ons and Extra’s:

  • Cover for goods in transit
  • Cover for any audio or visual equipment
  • Replacement locks
  • Trailer insurance for towing vehicles.
  • Personal effects insurance may cover drivers’ personal possessions.
  • Legal expenses coverage in cases where a compensation claim is made.
  • Trailer insurance for towing vehicles.

Tailored Motor Fleet Insurance

Protect your fleet with the right policy in the event of an accident. Our brokers motor fleet insurance can cover all types of vehicles whether its cars, HGVs, trucks or vans and even offers mixed fleet cover. Cover for any drivers over 21 is available (subject to terms and conditions) and our specialist brokers will also assess your individual circumstances to find a policy that meets your personal needs.

Tailor your policy for added security with the help of our specialist brokers and compare prices from top level insurers – thanks to our commitment in maintaining good relationships with key contacts.

Commercial Fleet Cover:

You may not necessarily be in business to take out a cheap fleet car insurance policy; it may just be that you have two or more cars you want protecting. We can help with this and make it easier for you to insure your vehicles as a fleet.

How to Get Your Fleet Insurance Quote Today

Our brokers fleet vehicle insurance can include immediate cover, flexible payment options and is able to accommodate specialist haulage and courier fleets. To find out more just give our experienced brokers a ring on 0203 826 5048 – we will be more than happy to help you on what you may need. Alternatively, just fill out the online form which only takes a couple of minutes and you can get a quick fleet insurance quote!

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