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Courier Insurance

“with our brokers working harder on our clients policies, it’s no wonder we are a comparison provider of choice!”

  • Extremely Competitive Brokers
  • Flexible Payment Plans by Direct Debit

  • Optional Breakdown & Personal Cover

  • Vehicle & Goods Covered

Courier Insurance

“with our brokers working hard on our clients policies, it’s no wonder we are a comparison provider of choice!”

  • Extremely Competitive Brokers
  • Flexible Payment Plans by Direct Debit

  • Goods In Transit Cover

  • Optional Breakdown & Personal Cover

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Compare Courier Insurance Online

Finding your Courier Insurance has never been easier!

A policy found through us will have been compared against multiple Expert Courier Insurance Brokers ensuring you really do get one of the best policies available.

  • UK call centres

  • Well experienced and knowledgable staff

  • Personal account handlers

  • Large board of insurers

  • 24/7 Claim help lines

Extra’s For Your Courier Insurance Cover

All our brokers courier van insurance policies can give you the legal cover that you require, but you may need to have additional coverage for your specific needs, they may include the following:

Goods In Transit As a courier, you want to make sure that whatever you are delivering is covered for any losses that may occur including damage or theft – a Goods In Transit addon to your policy will give you it’s great to know that what you’re delivering is protected against any kind of loss, damage or theft. Our goods in transit insurance can give you that peace of mind.

Courier Breakdown Cover – Make sure that your vehicle is covered against breakdown so in the event of a problem you get back on the road as soon as possible – roadside assistance is very affordable when added on to your policy.

Excess Protection
You can protect yourself against the cost of your insurance excess in the event of a claim.

Public Liability Insurance
A Public Liability Policy will ensure that you are covered against any claims made against you by a member of the public.

Not all benefits apply to everyone and they will be dependent on your own circumstances – the broker providing you with your quote will explain what is pertinent to you.

Apply for your quote now and we shall start searching instantly, Get your quote started now, You may be surprised how much we can save you!

Why use Total Insurance?

The brokers we use have decades of insuring Courier drivers and courier companies. They constantly work to bring down the cost of your Courier Cover premium by negotiating with our extensive board of insurers.

Van Couriers Insurance can feature:

  • Policy discounts
  • Flexible payment plans – subject to insurer
  • Combined policies
  • Immediate cover available
  • Breakdown cover in the UK and Europe
  • Attached or Detached trailers can be included

Why Choose Total Insurance?

  • Exclusive rates
  • Specialist Courier brokers
  • Fast documentation.
  • UK call centre with well trained advisors
  • Flexible payment plans

Looking for Cheaper Courier Insurance cover?

You have come to the right place. Our brokers have access to some of the best couriers insurance policies available covering all sorts of business activity. Whether you use a bike, car, van courier or lorry, we have cover to suit you.

What is a Van Courier policy?

A Van Courier Insurance Policy is designed to cover those who earn a living through delivering goods to others. It is designed to insure both the driver, the vehicle and even the goods they carry.

What is included with my Policy?

A policy designed by our insurers is built in multiple sections. It starts with the vehicle value and mileage covered, then the goods it covers if required along with a few other areas that the advisors will run through with you.

Your Courier Cover sections can include:

  • courier fleet insurance
  • commercial use
  • goods in transit
  • employers and public liability cover
  • personal accident and sickness cover

What sections should I buy?

This is completely up to you. Some sections of cover, such as couriers insurance and employers liability insurance are required by law. Other sections are optional, it comes down to your business needs and personal attitude to risk. Our Couriers Insurance department will be able to help you through the decision making process.

I have a vehicle heavier than 3.5T. Can you still insure me?

Yes, regardless of how heavy your vehicle is, we will be able to find you an insurance policy that covers that and more. If you are driving a vehicle over 7.5 Tonne, you may be better off applying for HGV Insurance.

Can you cover hazardous materials and locations?

This is a tricky one as it depends on how hazardous the product or location is. Hauling cleaning chemicals would be fine to cover but hauling nuclear waste is extremely different yet both are classed as hazardous. We can cover 90% of hauliers and if we can’t, our Couriers insurance team will be able to point you in the right direction.

I’m starting a new courier company – will I be able to get a courier insurance quote?

Yes. Although your quote won’t be as cheap as someone who has been driving for 10 years with a claim free record, with the right circumstances (such as employing reliable safe drivers) we will be able to offer you an extremely competitive premium.

Do you offer discounts for the use of Forward Facing Cameras and trackers?

This depends on your insurer but typically yes. Installing risk management tools such as cameras and trackers can have a positive impact on a drivers driving style. It also helps monitor a vehicle and where it goes as well as quickly and efficiently solve incidents should they occur.

What Courier Insurer’s will Quote Me?

Our brokers use a wide range of insurers to find you a cheap policy. Insurers such as AXA and Aviva are amongst many of the best insurers available and may well offer a premium on your policy.

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