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We work with specialist courier insurance providers who will help you get the best policy at the best price.

Being a courier driver is risky business. Because of this, policies can be on the expensive if you use the wrong provider.

Through working with our dedicated panel, you can ensure this don’t happen and only get quotes from the brokers right for you.

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What is Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance a specific type of policy for those who deliver parcels for a living.

A good courier policy will be tailored to a drivers exact needs covering things such as parcels and vehicles.

Insurance for couriers can also be called hire and reward. If you already privately own the vehicle and have insurance, you may only require a goods in transit policy.

Types of Insurance for Couriers

Like standard car insurance, you will be able to get courier insurance at 3 different levels. You will also be able to add additional cover once you select your standard level of insurance protection.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive courier cover will protect you and your vehicle as well as the third party in the event of a fault accident. It is the fullest type of cover available. Unless specified though, it is unlikely to cover the cost of any goods you are carrying.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

This is a medium level of cover. Your vehicle will only be protected in the event of it being stolen or catching fire. Should you cause an accident on the roads, your vehicle will not be covered but the the person you crashed into will.

Third Party

This is the most basic form of cover. In the event of a fault claim, only the third party will be paid out for. Even if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire, you will not be able to claim.

What extra cover will I need?

The specialist courier insurance brokers we work with can all provide the minimum legal cover requirement. You should consider some additional protection to ensure you can keep working in the event of loss or damage.

Goods in Transit

As someone delivering parcels, you want to make sure what you deliver is covered. Legally you must insure the vehicle but you could take the risk of not insuring the goods carried. Although this is a cheaper option, should you lose a parcel, you will be liable to pay for its replacement.

When you damage or lose something, goods in transit will cover you for it.

Vehicle Breakdown Cover

You should also cover your vehicle for breakdowns. In the event of a problem you want to get back on the road quickly. Roadside assistance is very affordable when bought with your policy.

If you are a van courier, having your vehicle off the road for a number of days can be extremely expensive. Apply for courier van insurance here.

Excess Protection

You can protect yourself against the cost of your insurance excess in the event of a claim. When you make a claim, you will need to pay to pay an excess towards the policy. Excess protection will enable you to claim this back.

Public Liability Insurance

If a member of the publics claims against you, public liability insurance is there to help.

Not all benefits apply to everyone and they will be dependent on your own circumstances. The broker providing you with your quote will explain what is right for you.

Self-Employed Courier Insurance

Most drivers work on a self-employed basis. Although they may deliver for companies such as Hermes or DPD, they won’t be directly employed by them.

Self-employed drivers are directly responsible for their own insurance policy.

A self-employed courier is still likely to drive around in a sign wrote vehicle for the company they work for. Instead though they will invoice the company as opposed to claim a pay cheque.

Can I get Cheap Courier Insurance?

Your ability to get a cheap policy will come down entirely to your own risk profile. Policy cost is based on a number of things such as the average value of goods carried, vehicle value and driving history.

If you are a sensible and safe driver with a good history, then yes, you are likely to be able to get a cheaper policy.

It is also essential that you compare policies, by using a service like ours. We will look at your own individual needs and find you the best broker.

The brokers we use can also provide you monthly courier insurance. A policy for a new driver can be a little more expensive for the first year. Paying monthly for your policy can help with this.

Courier v haulage?

Although definition varies between broker and insurer. Generally a courier will drop off at multiple locations. A a haulage driver though will drive a long distance for 1 or maybe 2 drops.

A courier driver will typically only get their schedule of drops on the day. A haulier will have their drops pre-planned in advance.

Why use us to find your policy?

We have a long standing relationship with many specialist brokers and know exactly what sort of person they are looking for. We can quickly transfer you to the brokers who can help you the most. You can then better compare courier insurance policies.

By using our service, you can save time not having to search multiple companies who may not be able to help you. We know who can help you and get you comparing policies quicker.

The brokers will work with have access to a wide range of insurers all offering different benefits.

We are able to find cover for all types of driver with all types of vehicle as well. Our expert courier advisors will help you find insurance quickly.

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