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Compare Driving Instructor Insurance

We work with a number of driving instructor insurance specialists to help you find a policy right for you at the right price. By comparing driving school insurance, you give yourself the best chance in finding high value cover for your business.

Finding a policy is easy. Simply fill out our form or give us a call and one of our dedicated agents will connect you with the providers most suitable for you.

Finding Tailored Policies

Insurance for driving instructors is not like any other policy as you are insuring against potential damage caused by a learning driver. Having said that, driving instructors are some of the safest on the roads and polices can already be quite cost effective.

Driving instructor insurance policies are often loaded with great value benefits that are well worth having. You can though fully tailor your policy to what is right for you.

Our agents will quickly assess the type of policy you are looking for and connect you with a provider who will be able to prove you exactly what you want.

What is Driving Instructor Insurance?

Driving Instructor Insurance is a policy designed to covers those who teach people how to drive vehicles on the road.

It is a custom designed policy that can cover your vehicle, your students and your income in the event of a accident.

What Does Driving School Insurance cover me for?

We all know that in almost every area of life, it’s a good idea, if not downright essential, to have good insurance coverage. That means knowing what you’re looking for in a good policy. Driving school insurance is essential for anyone making a living from teaching people to drive. What though does this entail?

Public Liability for Driving Instructors

Public liability covers you for claims arising from the public including the pupils you teach. Although it is unlikely, if a pupil was to injure themselves whilst in your car, you would be liable.

Any Driver Cover

To insure your car for driving lessons, you need to look for a policy that’s issued on what’s called an ‘any driver basis’. It means you can teach any driver (with a licence) on the road, regardless of their experience driving or anything else that might make them a higher risk.

It also means that an examiner is able to drive your vehicle during an examination without first notifying the insurer.

Driving instructor insurance is generally by standard, any driver based but some may limit this to only those who have not passed their driving qualification.

Tuition Negligence Protection

A good driving instructor policy should also protect you, your business or the company you work for against any claim that is brought as the result of an injury that a pupil may suffer through negligence on your part.

If you own a driving school, the same cover can be provided for any driving instructor using a car insured with your policy.

Replacement Dual Control Vehicle

In the event of your vehicle being damaged or off the roads, you will want access to a replacement dual control vehicle.

Just using any vehicle to teach someone to drive professionally is not always a good idea. Having access to dual control vehicles is a must for any driving instructor with a busy schedule.

Over 25 Social, Domestic & Pleasure use

Quite often, those owning driving tuition vehicles wish for them or family members to be able to use them socially as well. This can certainly be added for anyone over the age of 25 years old. It may not always be included as standard so check with the advisors when you speak to them.

Why use Total Insurance?

We have been working with our driving instructor insurance panel for quite some time and have built strong relationships with them. We know exactly what sort of broker can quote what sort of instructor.

This allows us to connect you quickly with the right provider using priority lines saving you from having to ring round yourself.

The broker we use will be able to provide you with cheap driving instructor insurance quotes quickly and easily.