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What is Impound Insurance?

Impounded Car Insurance or Seized Vehicle Insurance is a short term policy that lasts 30 days and enables you get your vehicles out of an impound.

We work with specialist UK Impound Car Insurance brokers who have access to some of the most competitive policies.

Impounded car Insurance may be the answer you’re looking for if you have had your car seized by the police for not being insured.

As many as five hundred Cars, Vans & motorbikes a day are impounded by the police across the UK. The police have the power to impound any vehicle that is not taxed or is uninsured and then if the vehicle is not recovered the car can then be sold at public auction or destroyed.What Is Impounded Car Insurance

impounded car insurance is now available for the collection of an impounded vehicles.

This comes in the form of a temporary cover policy and allows the driver to collect an impounded vehicle after seizure. The cover is put on the MID database immediately and the relevant documents are issued so that the vehicle can be collected usually on the same day.

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Seizure and Impounding of a Vehicle

When you insure your vehicle with an insurer, they put those details on a database known as the Motor Insurance Database ( MID ), the police have live access to this database and through various systems such as ANPR ( automatic number plate recognition ) they have they can instantly see if your car or van or motorbike has insurance or not and on that basis they have the right to Seize and impound your vehicle unless you can prove otherwise.

The problem comes when a driver initially insures their car but for some reason there is a delay in the notification to the MID (it can talk up to a week for the MID to update). If the police pull you over and state you have no insurance recorded then you can explain it is newly insured and the police can contact your insurer directly to confirm this or issue a HORT1 which is a demand for the driver to go into a police station and produce the insurance documents within a time period.

If the police are not satisfied that the car has valid insurance at this time they can instantly seize the vehicle and have it impounded, once this has happened you have to go through the correct procedures to have your vehicle released from the impound.

How To Get Your Impounded Vehicle Back

Unfortunately it is not as simple as sending in a friend or family member who has comprehensive insurance that allows them to drive other vehicles with the owner’s consent as most standard car insurance policies do not cover impounded vehicles, even a standard motor traders policy would not cover the collection of an impounded vehicle for someone else.

Typically what is required is the owner of the vehicle or a person nominated by the owner can collect the vehicle if they have the correct insurance, MOT certificate for the vehicle and a valid driving licence and pay the impound costs which can be typically between £150 – £300 depending on the weight of the vehicle plus any storage costs that are typically charged at around £20 – £40 a day, plus any further police penalties that are in relation to the seizure of the vehicle.

Impound Insurance

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