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We work with specialist impounded car insurance brokers who will be able provide you with a seized vehicle policy that will allow you to get your vehicle out of the impound.

With access to some of the most competitive rates, you won’t need to pay more than you have to.

What is seized vehicle insurance?

Seized vehicle insurance, commonly known as impound insurance is a specific sort of policy that allows you to get your car back after having it seized.

Unfortunately, a standard policy obtained from a regular insurer will not qualify as suitable insurance to gain your vehicle back. Only specific impounded vehicle insurance policies will allow this.

Polices will last a set 30 days. At the point of expiry of your seized car insurance policy, you will have to have a normal car insurance policy in place.

Are policies expensive?

Policies to get your car out of the impound can differ from insurer to insurer. That said, they are all between £250 and £350.

Usual factors like vehicle value etc have less of an impact on impounded car insurance.

How to get your impounded vehicle back

Unfortunately, getting your vehicle back is not as straight forward as sending a relative with a fully comp policy to drive it out.

Only the owner OR registered keeper is able to gain the vehicle back and it is them who must also apply for and get a impound policy.

Once you have your policy, you will then need to pay any impound fee’s which are typically between £150 and £300 depending on the vehicle weight. Any storage fee’s which are usually around £20 to £40 a day.

Finally there will be any additional police charges. These however are often paid at a slightly later date.

How do I get impounded car insurance?

It is quite easy to obtain a policy. Simply fill out our form or call us directly and we will get straight to it.

Before the broker will give you a policy however, you will need to show documentation you are the registered owner or keeper, a valid MOT and that you have a valid drivers license.

Once the broker has these, you will be provided a policy.

Seizure and Impounding of a Vehicle

Cars are usually seized through lack of insurance. If the vehicle is uninsured, it will be seized there and then.

When you insure your vehicle with an insurer, they put those details on a database known as the Motor Insurance Database ( MID ), the police have live access to this database. Through various systems such as ANPR ( automatic number plate recognition ) they can instantly see if your car, van or motorbike has insurance. On that basis they have the right to Seize and impound your vehicle unless you can prove otherwise.

Occasionally when a driver initially insures their car, there is often a delay in the notification to the MID (it can talk up to a week for the MID to update).

If the police pull you over and state you have no insurance recorded then you can explain it is newly insured and the police can contact your insurer directly to confirm this or issue a HORT1 which is a demand for the driver to go into a police station and produce the insurance documents within a time period. If the police are not satisfied that the car has valid insurance at this time they can instantly seize the vehicle and have it impounded, once this has happened you have to go through the correct procedures to have your vehicle released from the impound.