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What is Scaffolders Insurance?

Scaffolders Insurance is a specific custom policy designed to cover scaffolders and their work. A scaffolding insurance policy is fully scalable and will cover things such as yourself, your business, your employees and your equipment.

What can Scaffolding Insurance cover?

Your policy can be completely tailored to your individual needs and can go as far as a combined policy that will allow you to cover a premises or yard as well. Typically however, your scaffolders policy should cover the below.

Damage to other property

If you damage someone else’s property albeit the building you are erecting scaffolding for or maybe someones vehicles you are working near, you will be liable for the damage.

Scaffolders Public Liability

This is an essential cover and is designed to protect you against claims arising from the public. If you work in public spaces, the public liability is a legal requirement as this will cover you should you injure a member of the public whilst working.

It can also cover you against claims where a member of the public is injured whilst near your scaffolding by things fallen from the tower for instance.

Scaffolding Equipment on site or in transit

This area of cover, although not always legally required, it will protect you against the theft or damage of your equipment whilst on site.

It will also cover you for damage to equipment whilst in transit from site to site.

Scaffolding can be quite expensive and if large amounts are stolen from an insecure site, then you will need to quickly replace it.

Employers Liability Insurance

Again, if you employ people (which is highly likely), then this is another legal requirement. Being a scaffolder by trade is consider quite risky given you are working at hight often relatively dangerously. As such, insurance to cover those who work for you is an essential and legal requirement for if they are to injure themselves.

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