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What is Roofers Insurance?

Roofers Insurance is a specially designed insurance policy to covers those who specialise in roofing and working at heights.

Falling under the category of tradesman insurance, roofing insurance is designed to take into consideration the element of working at heights and often in unstable situations.

What Insurance do I need as a roofer?

As a roofer, you should consider a variety of insurances to make up your roofing insurance plan.

Public Liability Cover

Public liability cover is there to pay out and cover you against claims arising from members of the public who injure themselves around as a result of your work.

It is also there to cover you should you damage property not belonging to yourself.

Professional Indemnity for Roofers

As a roofer, you will be required to advice and carryout work based on your professional judgement. Should you get something wrong and your work need rectifying, then professional indemnity is there to step in and cover the costs of this.

Employers Liability

It is very uncommon for a roofer to work on their own. As such, employers liability cover is often required. If you employ people to work for you or sub-contract in to work alongside you then employers liability insurance is a legal requirement.

Tool and Vehicle Cover

Vehicle insurance is a legal requirement and something you could save money on by covering within your roofers insurance policy as a combined policy.

Although tool cover is not essential, it is there to quickly pay out in the event your tools are lost or stolen. Replacing one tool here and there is not that expensive but should you need to replace everything then it can be quite costly.

How much is Roofing Insurance?

The cost of your policy will be determined by how much cover you want and your own risk profile.

If you have a bad claims history, then your policy could be quite expensive. On the other hand though, if you have never made a claim and your policy os only designed to cover the basics, then you could find you are are able to get a cheap roofers insurance policy.

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