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What is Plumbers Insurance?

Plumbers Insurance is specifically designed to cover plumbers whether it be for domestic jobs or commercial work.

An insurance policy for a plumbing business will be tailored to cover the work you carryout along with public liability and can include cover for your tools, your vehicle and more. A plumbers policy falls under tradesman insurance.

What does a plumbing insurance policy cover?

Quite simply put, it can cover you for anything you require it to cover you for and is completely tailorable. Your policy is there to cover you against all types of claims such as leak or flood damage after you have worked at a site or damage to a clients possessions.

Plumbers Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is an essential aspect as this is what covers you against claims arising from the public. For example, if a member of the public was to injure themselves as a result of your work, you would be liable.

Also, if you were to damage something regardless of value within someones home, you to would also be liable for the costs in association with that damage.

Employers Liability for Plumbing Businesses

If you are a plumber that employs people to carryout work for you, then it is a legal requirement that you have employers liability in place to cover your employees against claims. If an employee injures themselves or becomes seriously ill whilst working for you, then you are liable for costs in association with that.

Tool Cover

Individually, you may not consider tools as being to expensive but should you need to replace them all at once because they were stolen or something similar, then the bill to do so could be quite a size and more than you could afford at the time.

A suitable tool cover policy will step in to cover this.

Why use us for a plumbing policy?

We work hard to find some of the best brokers for each plumbers individual needs and can therefore quickly and easily connect you with a specialist broker who is right for you!

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