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What is electricians insurance?

Electricians Insurance is specifically designed to cover the high risk work of an electrician. It is a form of contractors insurance that can be tailored to your specific business needs and can ensure you full cover against loss or damage.

As an electrician, you will be well aware of the dangers in association with your trade and the damage that can be caused if things go wrong. This considered, we can help you find an electricians policy that will offer you complete peace of mind that you are insured for the risks in association with your trade.

What insurance do I need as an Electrician?

Knowing what areas of cover to take out can be quite difficult. Below we have explained the most common types of cover an electrician should consider when purchasing a policy.

Public Liability Insurance for an Electrician

Although it is not a legal requirement, you would be extremely wise to consider purchasing a public liability insurance. If you are contracted in to work for another company, it is highly likely that you will actually require a public liability insurance in order to be able to work on behalf of them.

This type of cover is designed to cover you against claims arising from the public in the event they injure themselves in around your work area or should you cause damage to their property whilst you work.

Regardless of how skilled you are, accidents do happen and should a fatality arise from an electrical fire caused by your work, you do not want to find yourself uninsured!

Employers Liability for an Electrical Business

If you employ people to work for you either directly or via sub-contracting, you will be required to have employers liability insurance by law.

To protect those working for you against injuring themselves or falling ill through working for you is a legal requirement.

If you don’t employ people or use sub-contractors, then this area of cover is essential. IF you are unsure however, you should speak with an advisor.

Tool & Equipment Cover

Being an electrician requires the use of specialist tools often with a higher standard and grade than what can be found in a regular DIY store.

Replacing an individual took here and there is fine, but in the event your tool bag is stolen or misplaced, the cost of replacement can be quite expensive and often comes when we can do with it the least.

Tool and equipment cover is there to step in and inject some cash your way quickly when this happens.

Are policies expensive?

It depends entirely on your own risk profile such as claims history, employees, working scenario and so much more.

If you cover only the basic aspects of your business then it is likely that we will be able to find you a cheap electricians insurance. Having said that, if you want a fully fledged policy that covers everything, then we can still find you an extremely cost effective policy. If your claims history is good, then your chances of a cheap policy are good!

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