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What is Carpenters Insurance?

As a carpenter, you will be well aware that every client and job in different, as such, a versatile insurance policy that covers all aspects of your business is essential.

We work with expert brokerages that will be able to find you a policy that will combine public liability, personal accident and employer’s liability insurance all into one single tradesman insurance policy.

What Insurance do I need as a Carpenter?

Carpenters Public Liability Insurance

This is by far one of the most crucial aspects of carpenters cover. This element covers you against the public hurting or injuring themselves as a result of your business. The Public at times can be quite careless so make sure you are happy with the level of cover you choose in the area.

Employers Liability Insurance for Carpenters

If you employ people weather directly, through a contractor or on a casual basis, you are by law required to have employers liability insurance. This type of cover protects you against those working for you injuring themselves as a result of your business.

Other Business Insurance for Carpenters

Other areas you may wish to consider are, personal accident cover, tool cover, plant and machinery cover and business equipment cover. These are all pretty self explanatory. They are not always essential insurance areas but are an extremely good idea to have. They will better enable you to keep an income should you injure yourself personally or keep on working with replacement tools should yours be stolen. Speak with the underwriter to check exactly what is and is not covered.

Van Insurance for my Carpentry Business

A carpenter without a van or vehicle of some description is pretty un-heard of. If you are unable to cover your vehicle under you carpenter insurance business policy, make sure you take out a separate van insurance policy that includes commercial use and a level of tool cover.

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