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What is Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman Insurance is a more blanket term for an insurance policy designed to cover those who work in the trade. These would typically include electricians, plumbers, builders. It can also be known as contractors insurance.

What does Tradesman Insurance cover?

Tradesman cover can be tailored to include a whole range of specific areas to ensure your business is fully protected.

Public Liability for Tradesman

If you work in public areas of which the vast majority of tradespeople do, then public liability is an essential and legal requirement.

This area of your policy will protect you against claims made by the public against you or your business whilst you work. Generally these claims will arise from members of the public injuring themselves around you or your equipment whilst you work. It can also protect you against claims made by members of the public who injure themselves even when you are not there.

Tools & Equipment Cover

Every tradesman uses both tools and equipment of which is often at great expense. Tools and equipment hire is there to step in and protect you against loss or theft of your tools whether it be from on site whilst you work or from within your vehicle.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you employ tradesman under you, then employers liability is also a legal requirement and essential for you to trade legally.

Employers liability will cover you against claims arising from employees who work for you.

Personal Accident Insurance

Although it is not essential, having personal accident insurance is a very wise move. Many tradesmen work on their own as sole traders. Should you be unable to work through an accident, personal accident insurance will step in and allow you to continue to pay your bills.

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We work with specialist UK insurance brokers to help find you the best policy. We know what brokers are most competitive for your individual insurance requirements and can connect you with a broker who is most suitable.

Depending on your trade, insurance can be both quite expensive or quite cheap. If you are looking for a cheap tradesman insurance though, it is important to compare and shop around.

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