What exactly is mechanic insurance?

If you own and operate your own mechanics business in the UK motor trade sector, you’ll be well advised to take out car mechanic insurance. This is the case whether you run your business on a full or part-time basis, and even if you’re working from your own home rather than separate business premises.

What is mechanic insurance?

Mechanics insurance offers you peace of mind as it provides wide-ranging cover, including machinery and tools, buildings and their contents, and the cover needed for driving customer vehicles while working on them.

Should I choose road risk or combined mechanic insurance?

There are lots of different types of mechanic insurances, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the cover most suited to your business needs. You can opt for a motor trade road risk policy, which is best suited to mechanics working from their own homes as it offers cover for driving client vehicles. If you decide to opt for road risk policies, you can choose a third party, fire and theft, or comprehensive cover. If you cause an accident while driving a client’s vehicle, you will only be able to claim your own damages if you opt for comprehensive coverage.

Employers’ liability insurance is essential if you have any employees at all. This covers you against any claims for illness, injuries or death as result of working at your premises. Public liability is another essential cover option which protects all members of the public while they are on your site. Opting for product liability insurance gives peace of mind in the event of any claims for defective or faulty work due to products you fitted.

All the above are covered when you take out a combined policy, plus several more useful extras. These include premises insurance, cover for machines, plant and tools, coverage against any interruptions to business and for any stock or money that is kept on site.

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