Considerations prior to renewing motor trade insurance

There are lots of things to consider prior to renewing your motor trade insurance policy, and it’s important to try to keep premiums as low as possible. Just some of the most important considerations are discussed below:

Thoroughly check the existing policy and note any amendments

Check out a complete summary of your current motor trade insurance to ensure it meets your needs entirely. You’ll generally receive a renewal notice in the mail a couple of weeks before your insurance needs upgrading. Some aspects could be reduced or you may find it essential to add further motor trade liability or premises cover. If you’ve added new services to your business, these will also need insurance coverage. Examples of new services could include MOTs, breakdown recovery, or cleaning and valet services.

Existing employees

Are all existing employees covered on the current motor trade insurance? If not, you’ll need to make further amendments to the policy to ensure details are in line with your current business and workforce.

Vehicle types and values

The types of vehicle you work on or own will also impact upon the value of insurance cover you need, particularly if this includes high performance or classic cars.

Driving convictions

Your insurer needs to know about any driving convictions your employees have received over the past five years as this will impact on the total premium charged. It’s vital to provide accurate information and if your business has a record of safe driving you may be able to reduce your premiums accordingly.


Take a hard look at your existing excess, as if you’ve had relatively few incidents in the past year opting for a higher excess could significantly reduce your premiums.

Change of address

Many people forget to advise insurers about address, phone, or contact detail changes, so check out all the details of your renewal to ensure your legal obligations are met in full.

It’s vital to renew your traders insurance without any break in the continuous insurance, and you could be liable for a fine if you don’t. Find out more at Total Insurance today.

Can I save money?

The renewal of your policy is an ideal time to save money on your insurance. Read our guide on ways to save money on your motor trade policy.