Careers to consider in the motor trade industry

Many people still love working on cars. Despite how advanced and complex they have become, people still enjoy working on them in various different way.

The number of cars on the road is ever increasing, the demand for people to work on them is rapidly increasing with it. With advancements in car technology as well, niche mechanic are also being required especially when it comes to car electrical repairs.

For those wanting a career with the car trade, there have never been a greater time to master a niche or sector within the industry.

Attending a college and university teaching your desired sector will set you up greatly for a fulfilling career that could see you become a known name and master of.

Top 5 Motor Trade Careers

Here we take a look at the top 5 motor trade careers you could chose from and where there will always be demand.

Vehicle Electrician

Cars and vehicles in general are becoming more and more electrical based with systems often to complex for a traditional car mechanic. Within this role you would be diagnosing and repairing engine control electrical equipment as well as installing similar systems for various aspects.

As such, this has paved the way for skilled professionals to appear specialising in the electrical diagnostics and repair of vehicles.

Becoming a vehicle electrician would see you working on newer vehicles as older vehicles don’t have so many electrical components.

Being so niche as well, you would be able to charger better fees for the work you carry out.

Car Mechanic

A car mechanic is the most required for to automotive engineer. They are often the first port of call for anyone having a few issues with their car.

Car mechanics are not afraid to get their hands dirty and will typically feel at home working on the mechanical aspects of a car such as the actual engine, the clutch and brakes etc.

Car Mechanics will diagnose and generally repair any mechanic aspects of the car but will refer out to a specialist such as a vehicle electrician.

If you are looking to become an independent car mechanic, make sure you have car mechanics insurance in place.

Auto Gearbox Mechanics

Once only fitted to the most prestige of cars, automatic gearboxes are becoming common ground in a lot of cars, especially performance vehicles.

With more car having automatic gear boxes, there is currently a real shortage of those able to work on them.

Automatic gearboxes are complex and often very difficult to work on, as such, those able to carryout work on automatic gearboxes are able to charge good amounts for their work.

Using a main dealer can be extremely expensive especially if out of warranty, therefore an auto gearbox mechanic can be a very viable option.

Engine Reconditioner

This is a highly skilled area of the motor trade industry and requires you to have extensive knowledge of vehicles.

Often a career found later in the life of a motor trader due to the experience often required to carryout a proper job.

A typical day will see you taking apart an engine, diagnosing wear and tear and machining / refurbishing parts to start bringing the cars engine back to standard.

Quite often cars worked on will be more classic or older cars where replacement parts are not so readily available.

If you wish to be an Engine reconditioner, make sure you have proper cheap traders insurance to protect you against anything that may go wrong.

Automotive Engineers

An automotive engineer can be someone who is considered top of the tree.

As an automotive engineer, you will be someone who designs the vehicles and engines that operates within them.

A degree will be required to gain such position but it is well worth clocking up some years working on engines as well to gain good insight as to what works and what does not work.


Regardless of which of the above you wish to choose, all are impressive and much needed careers where there is plenty of money to be made.