TfL survey invites comments on taxi CCTV

A survey issued by Transport for London (TfL) is now asking Londoners to respond with their views on new security measures for cabs in use around the city. As part of a public consultation, members of the public have until March 22, 2021 to complete the survey and share their views.

A request for public views on CCTV

The TfL survey is interested in finding out people’s views on whether CCTV systems should be mandatory for all private hire vehicles and black cabs operating in the capital. Alternatively, it also asks if people would prefer that vehicle owners continue to make the choice themselves to fit equipment, as the current law dictates.

TfL is also keen to assess if members of the community believe that installing CCTV equipment in licensed taxis and private hire minicabs would have a positive impact, and what this might be. It also wants to know what adverse effects might result from installing such security systems onboard vehicles.

Benefits of in-built CCTV in taxis

Enterprises and sole traders operating private hire vehicles and licensed taxi cabs that can be hailed in the street are finding that there are multiple advantages from installing CCTV equipment in their cars.

In terms of criminal activity, CCTV cameras can capture acts, recording them for use by the authorities. The footage can often supply evidential support that can lead to successful prosecutions. If drivers themselves are accused of criminal or anti-social behaviour, the CCTV systems can also supply proof that claims are false.

Another plus of having CCTV onboard taxis can be a drop in insurance premiums. Many insurers offering policies for private hire and taxi cover will reduce the price of insurance when equipment is fitted. If an accident occurs while drivers are working, they can also clearly show when they are not to blame, ruling out their personal responsibility to employers and insurance providers alike.

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