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Finding UBER Taxi Insurance has never been easier!

We work with UK leading Taxi brokers who have access to the most competitive policies.

If you are looking for standard taxi policy, then please Compare Private Hire Taxi Insurance.

What is Uber Insurance?

Uber insurance is essentially a private hire insurance but purchased by Uber Taxi Drivers. It is tailored and designed to cover all the same aspects as a standard insurance policy for taxi drivers.

Why do I need Uber Taxi Cover?

Although over in America where the insurance is provided by Uber when driving with passengers and private car insurance when not. Here in the UK, Uber does not provide any insurance cover and is down to you the Uber driver to find and buy suitable insurance to cover your operation.

Here we enable you to compare Cheap UK Uber Taxi Insurance that will cover you, your car and your passengers.

Uber do not take on any responsibility for UK drivers and insists it is only a ‘Transportation Network Company’ accessed through its app where all insurance requirements are down to the driver to source.

You can read more on their requirements by visiting their Uber Requirements Section.

Why use Total Insurance Comparison?

We work with leading UBER Insurance Brokers who understand exactly what you need. Policies found through us will provide you with Private Hire with Hire and Reward combined the SDP (social, domestic and pleasure) use so that your car is fully insured for private and work use. Policies can include European cover and public liability cover.

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