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Looking for Cheap Minibus Insurance?

We work with UK leading Minibus brokers who have access to cheap minibus insurance policies.

What is Minibus Insurance?

Minibus Insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover vehicles that are able to cover 9 people or more. Commonly used by Taxi Companies, Schools, Charities, Nursing Homes, Large employers within the construction business and large families.

The intended use of the vehicle will directly affect the required insurance. Minibus cover also comes in similar fashion to that of private car with Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and just Third Party being available.

Do I need Minibus Cover?

In short, any vehicle that you intend to use in any way shape of form should have insurance. If you wish to use the minibus on public roads, then insurance is a legal requirement.

Why use Total Insurance Comparison?

We working some of the UK leading brokers in order to help find you cheap minibus insurance. We work hard to help you compare minibus insurance policies in order to help find the best minibus insurance quote possible and help reduce your costs.

Our advisors are knowledgable and will do all they can to help you compare your minibus policy.

What do our Minibus Brokers offer?

Any Use Cover

Minibuses are used for such a wide array of things that our brokers are able to fully tailor your policy to cover what ever you intend to use the vehicle for.

Flexible Payment Plan

Don’t have the money to pay all upfront? No problem! Our partners are able to offer a pay per month policy where the policy is broken down to a deposit followed by easy to manage monthly payments.

If you and you minibus are involved in an accident or need to make a claim or handle a claim placed against you, they will see you are compensated correctly.

Replacement Minibus

Minibus off the road? No problem, we can find you a replacement minibus to keep your operation up and running.

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