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What is Chauffeur Insurance?

Chauffeur Insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover those who drive people around using prestigious or executive vehicles.

It can offer protection and cover for both the driver and the vehicle as well as the passengers you carry ensuring you will always be able to get your VIP to where they need to be.

You insurance cover will protect all of your chauffeuring work as well as be able to include things such as public liability cover given that you will be working with and around members of the public.

Executive Hire Insurance Explained

Being an executive hire company or chauffeur is of a more luxury line of work and one that comes with lower risks compared to that of a normal taxi driver.

Whether you are chauffeuring executives to meetings or a bride to her wedding, an insurance policy found through us will ensure you remain covered and that you can maintain the responsibility your job entails.

Chauffeurs Insurance also takes into account the increased cost of the vehicle. Many chauffeurs drive a Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 Series of which both are of great value. As such, a chauffeuring insurance policy will be designed to pay out and cover the cost of that vehicle should it be damaged or off the road.

What is the difference between Chauffeur Insurance and Private Hire Insurance?

As a chauffeur, you will be transporting guests who have booked your services well in advanced and as such, you will know who you are travelling with and where you are going.

There will be no 2 way radio in the vehicle and no last minute bookings.

As journeys are booked well in advance and on a more professional basis, chauffeurs tend not to carry cash as everything is typically settled by invoice in advanced.

Executive hire drivers by nature drive executive vehicles that tend to be better maintained. This means replacement vehicles will be of similar calibre to your current car.

Combining all this brings about a more prestigious service and therefore much more prestigious insurance.

Will my policy be cheap?

When you consider all the above aspect, there is typically a lot less risk involved with a Chauffeur and as such, yes, it is possible to get a cheap chauffeur insurance. However, it is worth noting that if you have a bad claims record or high risk profile, you will still have to pay a larger premium.

The vehicle you drive will be of greater value of which will cause your premium to increase slightly but if you show you can maintain your vehicle and risk profile, then you should benefit from a lower insurance premium.

Why use Us?

The insurance brokers we use are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. They will take into account any no claims bonus you have along with the rest of your driving history in order to offer you suitable insurance products.

Chauffeur Insurance

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