Use your car to earn extra cash

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We’ve all been feeling squeezed in recent years and many people have turned to freelance work or self employment to help them stay in control of their earnings. You can work as much or as little as you need or want to, on top of a 9-5 job to top up your salary, or as your only source of income.

Your car could be a great way to earn some extra pennies and although in most cases it will involve a little bit of an initial investment, it could also turn out to be a reliable way of earning a significant amount of extra cash.

If you’re a confident driver and have good interpersonal skills then becoming a driving instructor could be the ideal career change for you. You’ll have to shell out for driving instructor qualifications, modifications to your car (or possibly a new vehicle) and specialist driving insurance, but after that it’s just about building a client base. Consider specialising – for instance, in short courses or older drivers – to help find a niche and a base of customers.

Becoming a taxi driver could also be a good little earner and it’s easy to fit around a 9-5 job because taxis are most in use out of normal working hours. It’s important to research the right licences and invest in private hire taxi insurance – but if you sign up to a taxi firm they may be able to advise on these things and may even pay for all or part of the process!