Taxi insurance: what you should know

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Whether you’ve been a taxi driver for years or have recently started a new venture, it pays to shop around when it comes to taxi insurance.

As with other types of commercial transport insurance (for example motor trade insurance, fleet insurance and HGV insurance to name but three) there are a number of things to consider before committing to a policy, all of which we’ll take a look at below:

Private hire taxi insurance or Hackney cab?

Total Taxi Insurance policies will differ depending on the type of driving you do. Private hire runs generally involve picking customers up from home, from work or from the airport, sometimes with a fixed price based on a specific pick-up and drop-off point. Hackney taxis, or black cabs, involve picking up customers from a rank on an as-and-when basis. Both types of cab driving come with their own risks, so it’s important to pick a policy which best reflects your situation. Some policies will even cover both.

Has your taxi been modified?

It’s important that you declare any modifications to your vehicle to ensure your policy provides adequate cover – this applies not just to taxi insurance, but to motor trade insurance and other commercial fleet insurance too. Typical modifications include making a vehicle wheelchair accessible.

Will your vehicle also be for personal use?

Some taxi drivers make use of their taxi as a personal vehicle for doing the school run, going shopping or simply getting from A to B. When considering a taxi insurance policy, it’s important to let your insurance company know.