Taxi Drivers set to the affected by Changes to London Transport Network

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2019 is set to see some significant changes that will affect the London Transport Network.

The demands of an ever growing population will see the capital changing bus lane networks, cycle lane structure and the taxi network affecting practically all of Londons Taxi’s.

Modernisation is always required to infrastructure where population grows rapidly and it is important that taxi drivers and all those using the relevant areas understand how this will them through and after the implementation phase.

How will I be affected?

It is hard to tell straight away how you will be affected, but as other methods of public transport are improved, the demand for taxi’s could slow down.

New Cycle Networks

The TFL recently revealed plans that intends to roll out in a bid to improve the capital cycle network. The idea behind extending the cycle network is to make it increasingly easier for those willing to cycle to be able to cycle reducing the need for cars during congestion times.

The improved network will also make it safer for cycle users by implementing a segregated route and better pedestrian facilities between Greenwich and Tower Bridge.

The TFL has a vision of zero deaths on the capitals roads and constructing an additional 4km of segregated cycle network brings them closer to that goal. The plans are currently at final approval and should been ready for implementing this summer.

Although more people will be taking to their push bike, with a growing population and visitors, there will still be plenty of people requiring taxis.

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Get ready for the New e-bikes!

In combination with the cycle network, Uber owned Jump, will soon be rolling out its next generation of e-bike.

As if they were not happy enough shaking up the private hire taxi market, they are now revolutionising bike hire. Via an app, users will be able to rent an electric bike to complete short journeys picking up a bike at one location, using the new cycle network and leaving it at another.

Crossrail (if its ever ready).

The news of an indefinite delay may be good for most taxi drivers who carry out a lot of Heathrow runs, it will eventually become operational improving access to key locations across London without hitting traffic.

Crossrail is hoping to open and become operational in the Autumn of 2019 (but don’t hold your breath).

Bus Network Overhaul

The TFL has announced that 33 routes across London are to receive an overhaul. This is the biggest change reported in 16 years and can drastically improve bus connectivity.

The TFL plans to better connect the outer areas of London to central London whilst adapt central London routes that are underused and just contribute to higher traffic levels.

The good news here for taxi drivers is that 3 routes face being cancelled, 8 are to have their frequency reduced and 13 due for an overhaul.

The Taxi Driver

It is without doubt that there will always be the need for Taxi drivers. Their ability to carry out quick, last minute journeys as well as planned journeys for their passengers will always mean there will be demand.

Always make sure though that you have proper taxi insurance in place that will cover you against loss or damage in facing the ever changing landscape of the UK’s capital.