Taxi and bus drivers best in drink driving statistics

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Professional bus and taxi drivers have performed the best in a study into the professions with the lowest rate of drink and drug driving convictions, according to a report by MoneySuperMarket.

While the lowest rate of conviction is to be found among police civilian staff, who on average have a 0% conviction rate for drug and drink driving, taxi and bus drivers are comparable with hospital doctors when it comes to being caught under the influence.

There are just 0.10 taxi drivers per 1,000 convicted of drink driving, and 0.21 bus drivers, which compares favourably with doctors (0.17) and midwives (0.19) in the statistics. By far the worst category were mature students living at home, among whom there were 28.5 per 1,000 with convictions. MoneySuperMarket said the research highlights problems in certain professions, such as construction workers, who often have to attend work early and may still be over the drink-driving limit from the night before. This is reflected in an unusually high rate among construction professionals, especially scaffolders (4.5) and labourers (4.3).

At a time when convictions for drink and drug driving are increasing year on year, MoneySuperMarket are warning that intoxication behind the wheel can not only be extremely dangerous, but can have life-changing consequences for anyone who is caught under the influence. This particularly applies to workers who depend on driving as their livelihood, such as couriers, taxi drivers and HGV drivers, because a conviction can result in professional discipline, a driving ban, fines and potential imprisonment.

As a result, the price comparison website is encouraging drivers to be aware of the risks of driving after consuming alcohol the previous night, as it is sometimes difficult to tell if you are still intoxicated and a potential danger to yourself and other road users.

Consumer affairs expert Kevin Pratt of MoneySuperMarket, said: “Drink Driver Car insurance premiums following a conviction can increase and with drink and drug driving penalties sitting on your licence for 11 years, paying for a taxi seems like a small price for what could potentially be a life-changing disruption.”