London bylaw charges dropped against Uber

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After an 18 month debate between The TFL and Uber in London which has now ended, around 100 charges placed against Uber have now been dropped.

The decision to drop the charges is in part connection with a new bylaw that has made the charges debatable or irrelevant.

The taxi industry feel Uber have got away with a free ride where the dispute continues to underscore tensions and bitter relationships between companies who offer rides to Londoners.

In April 2017 after the city council changed its bylaws to include Uber style transport, the prosecutor withdrew the charges against Uber as it was ‘not in the publics interests to continue’.

Without the reasonable or realistic chance of conviction, there is little point in proceeding with the charges. Factors that cause the unlikely hood of winning a case in can include lack of evidence, lack of or no witnesses, age of the charges or past actions now being legal.

Some of the charges dated back as far as 2015!

When fighting a case, one of London’s top lawyers said, “You have to pay attention to the laws that exist on the day of what you’re doing” however “Do you spend a large sum of public money on a case fighting a charge which today is perfectly legal?”.

Many other taxi providers slam the move not to prosecute as a joke.

However, Uber were not the only ones to receive charges. The same number of charges were found against several other taxi providers operating in the area.

Uber has 10 times the amount of licences operational compared to a standard taxi. It is worth noting though that most Uber drivers operate only part time and carry out as little as 2 lifts a month.

Despite the charges dropped against Uber, their drivers are still able to be penalised for offences such as u-turns, using vehicles over a certain age, not having a valid Uber Taxi Insurance and not displaying their Uber sticker.

More changes are due to be made to the bylaw.