FREE Uber rides for Nurses this Christmas

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In the spirit of giving, UBER this Christmas period will be offering FREE taxi rides to nurses across England and Whales.

Using official NHS emails addresses, nurses will be able to register for 2x £10 voucher codes that will enable them to get a taxi when other public transport is either limited or closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

The offer is available to all NHS staff as part of Uber’s plan to try and ensure NHS staff spend less time travelling and more time with their families.

Demand on NHS staff remains consistent over the Christmas period with figures revealing that 350,000 NHF staff worked Christmas Day last year. This was made up of 97,000 nurses, 53,000 nursing assistants, 176,000 care workers, 12,000 ambulance drivers and 12,000 midwives.

Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary said: “Everyone wants to be at home with their family over the Christmas period but those in the public sector such as the NHS selflessly give up their holidays to help those in need”.

Matt added, ” It’s great that Uber has stepped up to the plate and offer a free ride home this Christmas and I hope this makes life easier for the nations dedicated UK workers”.

Uber’s general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe said “NHS staff have enough to think and worry about over the Christmas period so we would like to try and take care of their travel when other transport is not available”.

“During a time where travelling is more difficult, we are hoping a free ride will get them back to their families sooner”.

Codes are redeemable the 24th to the 26th of December.

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