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Compare Warehouse Insurance

Need a warehouse that you need to compare insurance for? We working with leading commercial building insurance specialists who can help you compare policies quickly and easily.

Comparing insurance policies is essential to not only finding the best policy for your needs but also for getting the best rate possible.

What is commercial warehouse insurance?

Warehouse insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect a property where large amounts of stock and activity are stored and take place. The are often diverse locations combining storage, offices and machinery.

Due to these places being so diverse, commercial warehouse insurance is equally versatile.

What can be insured on a policy?

You can expect your policy as standard to protect the building itself against fire, flood or storm damage. You will want to consider other policies addons though given e nature of a warehouse.

Contents cover

Contents cover protects anything that is not structural related. If your warehouse has offices, it can be used to protect the office furniture for instance.

Warehouse Machinery Cover

It’s quite common for warehouses to use machinery of many natures. Due to the nature of machinery, it won’t often be covered by contents cover. If your warehouse has a lot of machinery, it would be recommended to list this on your policy separately.

The property insurance advisor will be able to help with this.

Stock Cover

Warehouses are in general large storage areas that hold large amounts of stock. Although not legally required, it is strongly recommended you have stock cover included.

Without it, should you suffer a fire, months of manufacturing could be lost with no financial compensation.

Employers Liability

No warehouse is operated by one man and employers liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ staff. If you directly employ employ temp or subcontractors, you are legally required to have a suitable employers liability insurance in place.

This can easily be added to you warehouse insurance policy.

Industrial Equipment

Although not always found within warehouses, it is still common to have industrial equipment on site. This can include things such as forklift trucks.

If you property is more industrial then warehouse, you may want to consider industrial property insurance.

Is warehouse insurance cheap?

This depends on many factors. If you need to insure large amounts of stock, lot’s of machinery and loads of stuff, then it is likely to cost a bit. However, if your warehouse is a standard size with a low level of risk associated with it. Then it is quite possible you will be able to get cheap warehouse insurance.

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