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What is property portfolio insurance?

Property portfolio insurance, also known as multi-property landlord insurance is a specific policy designed to cover more than once premises against loss or damage.

Legally required by all property owners, under a portfolio policy, you will be able to insure all your premises from residential to commercial under one insurance document.

What is covered in multi-property insurance?

Multi-property insurance will cover all the same things a standard landlords insurance will cover. The only difference being for multiple properties.

You can expect to benefit from cover such as:

Loss or Rent

Where properties become uninhabitable through causes such as flood or fire, loss of rent cover steps in to make sure you don’t lose out whilst the building is repaired.

Under loss of rent, you can also choose to add alternative accommodation for where the property was a residential one and you need to home your tenant in a separate premises.

Rebuild Costs

Rebuild cost is the aspect of cover that is there to pay out in the event the building is lost or badly damaged. You will need to provide an accurate valuation of the rebuild cost as it is this that will decide how much is paid out when rebuilding.

For example, if the building costs £500,00 to rebuild but you only stated a cost of £250,000, then you would only be paid out a maximum of £3250,000.

Owners Liability

Property owners liability is there to step in where a tenant or occupant injures themselves or suffers loss of any kind through a building fault.

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