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What is insurance for listed for listed properties?

Insurance for listed buildings is specifically designed to cover properties that are listed for historical or national importance.

Insuring a listed premises can often come with increased complexities given their older nature. Properties built before 1700 will all be listed and properties between 1700 and 1840 will almost certainly be listed.

What is covered by listed buildings cover?

Listed buildings insurance polices are often laid out in the same way as any other property insurance. As standard, you can expect your policy to cover the physical structure of the building against things such as fire, flooding or storm damage.

A listed property policy though will often take into account having to repair the building with original materials. This can be quite costly as specialist tradesman will often be required for this.

Listed property policy extras

Once you have the building itself protected, you should consider some policy extras to ensure a more rounded policy.

Contents Cover

Contents cover is what protects you against loss of belongings within the property. It can cover things such a electrical goods, furniture, money, clothing and and other asset you would like protecting within the home.

Personal belongings

Personal belongings cover extends your policy to cover things such as mobile phones, jewellery and other items of value. It can also be extended for cover whilst away from the home.

Accidental Damage

Many listed properties contain above average value furnishings like expensive carpet. Accidental cover will protect spills on items such as carpet. Regardless of how the accident came about, if you have accidental damage cover, you should be able to claim no problem.

Subsidence Cover

Buildings are know to subside. Especially when located in more rural areas where land is more boggy or less fortified. Subsidence cover is there to step in should your home start to subside at all.

Do I need listed property insurance?

If your property is listed, then yes, you will need listed buildings insurance. A standard home policy will not cover the kind of things a listed property needs insuring for.

If you are unsure if your building is listed, you should contact your local council to check and find out.

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