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What is Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance, also known commonly as commercial building insurance is a policy designed to cover any form of building that is used for work or monetary gain.

A commercial premises policy can also be tailored to cover things such as contents, various liabilities and much more.

Commercial premises insurance can be purchased by anyone who owns a commercial property and either uses it themselves or rents it to another company.

What is covered?

As a basic policy, you can expect to benefit from buildings cover that will cover the cost to repair such as replace walls, fixtures and fittings or in extreme cases, complete rebuild costs.

As part of your policy, you may wish to consider some of the below insurance covers.

Business Contents

Business contents insurance is more for those who operate within the premises they own and looking to insure. It will protect the contents business premises against loss or damage.

Business contents is also often just referred to as contents insurance or contents cover.

Loss of Rent

Whether your properties have private tenants living in them or you rent a property out to a company, there may be a time that the rent is not paid. As part of any commercial landlord insurance policy, loss of rent is always worth adding so that you know, should the rent not be paid, any mortgage on the property is.

Business Insurance

Business insurance is a ‘coverall’ term and covers multiple aspects but primarily focuses on protecting the services or goods you offer professionally.

It can be included and combined with your commercial property insurance to form a more combined policy.

Loss of stock or cash from on site

Should stock be stolen or damaged on site, you can claim on this part of your policy. The same can apply for cash lost or stolen from site. In either instance you will need to prove these were both present.

Commercial Property Insurance

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