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What is Commercial Landlord Insurance?

Commercial landlord insurance is an insurance policy specifically designed to insure the owner of a commercial building against loss or damage from either the tenant or a disaster.

A policy can also cover your against loss of rental income should your property become empty through fire or flooding for instance.

If you own and occupy the property you are looking to insure, you may wish to check out our commercial property insurance page.

What does a landlord policy protect?

A policy will cover you against risks in association with a commercial premises such as an office, shop or industrial unit.

The risks in association with a commercial property differ from those of a residential property and therefore a policy should reflect that.

If you need to insure a residential property, you may with to check out our insurance for landlords page to find out more.

Buildings Cover

If you property suffers a fire or becomes flood through whatever reason, your policy can be there to cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding. Buildings cover will cover the structure of the building such as the walls, ceilings, roof, floors and fitted goods such as a kitchen.

Contents Cover

This cover is there for soft furnishings or things such as shelving, racking and other aspects not included in the fabric of the building.

Loss of Rental Income

Should your property become empty through say fire or flood, loss of rental income can be included to pick up the cost of this.

Employers Liability

It’s quite common for a commercial landlord to have multiple properties. If you employ someone to tend to these properties, the brokers we work with will be able to find you a policy to include cover them as well.

Why use us?

We work with leading commercial landlord insurance brokers in order to help you find the right policy at the right price. Our specialist brokers will be able to quickly identify the level of cover you need and then provide you with a tailored quote.

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