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What is Block of Flats Insurance?

Block of flats insurance is a specific insurance policy designed for landlords who own to rent out a block of flats.

Also known as apartment block insurance, these policies take into account the additional risks of multiple individual dwellings within one building complex.

What is covered in insurance for flats?

Like most property insurance policies, an insurance policy for a block of flats will include cover for the physical construction of the building should the building become damaged.

Common causes of damage to properties include:

  • fire
  • flood
  • subsidence
  • storm damage
  • water damage from burst pipes or plumbing
  • vehicle collision
  • vandalism

Your insurance policy can also include cover for permanent fixtures and fittings like kitchens, bathrooms, central heating and anything else that cannot be removed from the property.

Additional cover for your block of flats

Flat blocks are complex things and with multiple occupants and communal areas to think about, naturally there are additional risks to consider. Once these risks are considered, you can look at other areas of cover.

Contents Insurance – If you furnish the flats that you rent out with things such as sofa’s, beds, desks etc, then you will want to consider contents insurance for should these become damaged. You may also want to consider it for things such as carpet or curtains in communal areas.

Rent guarantee insurance – this steps in where a tenant stops paying their rent.

Liability insurance – covers you for injuries of damage to tenants or visitors including their belongings. For instance, if a door closer is broken and results in slamming on someones hand, then liability cover can step in to compensate.

Loss of rent – this is there for when you cannot rent out your block of flats for whatever reason. Say a water tanks burst in the roof and floods 3 floors and the tenants need to move out, loss of rent can be there to compensate you.

Legal fees – this aspect of your block of flats insurance will cover you when you need to evict a tenant for instance.

Insuring more than one property

If you need to insure more than one apartment block, we can certainly help. The property insurance brokers we work with are specialists and will help you find a policy regardless of how many or what types of property you need to insure.

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