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Used Vehicle Price fall in May – Analyst’s Report

Used Vehicle Price fall in May – Analyst’s Report Last month’s statistics have now been analysed and it appears as though prices of used vehicles had indeed fallen as expected, though, the fall was not [...]

Amazon’s Logistics investment – Has it paid off?

Amazon’s Logistics investment – Has it paid off? International e-delivery company ParcelHero comments on Amazons quarterly profit report, stating that the “Jam tomorrow” transport plans have paid off. Amazon have recently announced a healthy return [...]

Driverless Freight Trucks – A Careful Transition

Driverless Freight Trucks – A Careful Transition With all the surrounding speculation and opinions on driverless vehicles already apparent, the move to introducing driverless freight trucks will have to be managed carefully by governments. Although [...]

New HGVs for B&Q

B&Q have just received 6 new Renault Range D Euro 6, 6×2 R320 HGV’s from BRS Ltd for its trade operation TradePoint. TradePoint operate a fleet of trucks to which the new Renault Range Ds [...]

HGV Insurance for Beginners

HGV Insurance for Beginners When working within the haulage industry, an effective truck insurance policy is vital! The haulage industry is worth billions within the UK, but it don’t come without added risk. Transporting goods [...]

Would You Trust A Self Driving Car?

With all this excitement and innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles, there is still an atmospheric tension that people can’t seem to shake. Especially when one considers that in order to drive you have [...]

A route to sourcing convicted insurance

A route to sourcing convicted insurance Getting insurance if you have any kind of criminal conviction can be difficult and expensive. Some insurers will refuse even people with minor convictions unrelated to their driving, but [...]

Difference between HGV or LGV Licences

Difference between HGV or LGV Licences If you are looking to gain either a HGV licence or LGV licence, you main have found yourself coming across many other industry terms also used to refer to [...]

Benefits to Using an Insurance Broker

Benefits to using an insurance broker over going direct or using online aggregators. When searching for insurance, people typically have a list of things that are important to them when looking for insurance. These typically [...]

Lower costs with fleet insurance

If you run a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, we don’t need to tell you how much of a pain it can be when one of them is out of service; you [...]

Three or more taxis? Try fleet insurance

If your taxi company consists of more than one vehicle – and we think that’s quite a lot of you – you’re probably wondering how to keep your insurance costs down. After all, you can [...]

Are you in favour of fleet insurance?

If you own and operate more than two vans or vehicles as part of your business, you could save money on your insurance policies and improve the flexibility of your work practices by purchasing fleet [...]

Choosing the best vehicles for your fleet

Securing a deal on a fleet of vehicles for your business is a big step, a sign of things moving forward. Having a new, smart looking armada gives your firm a fresh new image, gets [...]