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Would You Trust A Self Driving Car?

With all this excitement and innovation in the field of autonomous vehicles, there is still an atmospheric tension that people can’t seem to shake. Especially when one considers that in order to drive you have [...]

Benefits to Using an Insurance Broker

Benefits to using an insurance broker over going direct or using online aggregators. When searching for insurance, people typically have a list of things that are important to them when looking for insurance. These typically [...]

Top tips for taxi insurance

Taxi drivers pay more for their insurance than your regular customer does, and that’s a fact. However unfair this may seem, there are reasons for it – and ways to keep your costs right down. [...]

Insuring your new courier venture

As the new year gets going, many people are looking for ways to pinch the pennies and make savings for the year to come. One of those money-making plans could be to take on a [...]

Do you need GIT cover?

If you’re a courier, your van is your office, your workspace, and your livelihood – you can’t afford to be off the road. Whether you own the vehicle yourself, or it’s part of a fleet, [...]

Could you courier for cash this Christmas?

As online shopping grows in popularity, the influx of parcels on the postal service over the festive season gets bigger year on year. For many retailers, the solution has been to contract the services of [...]

Use your car to earn extra cash

We've all been feeling squeezed in recent years and many people have turned to freelance work or self employment to help them stay in control of their earnings. You can work as much or as [...]

Does your postcode affect your insurance?

Whether you're a taxi driver, courier, driving instructor, or motor trader, the law requires you to have insurance. Depending on your experience, past claims, age, sex, and driving history, your insurance premium will vary. However, [...]

Everything you need to know about motor trading

The number of motor trade businesses has been on the up in the UK for some time, with many people seeing it as a fun, interesting, and profitable venture. However, many new motor trade businesses [...]

Taxi insurance: what you should know

Whether you’ve been a taxi driver for years or have recently started a new venture, it pays to shop around when it comes to taxi insurance. As with other types of commercial transport insurance (for [...]

AXA buys Global Insurance Management

AXA have just bought Global Insurance Management; the company provides a vast array of products relating to the motoring industry, such as MoT, tyre fitter insurance and mechanical breakdown covers to dealers and manufacturers alike [...]

A worrying amount of Ghost Brokers are emerging!

A BBC investigation into the recent increase in fraudulent brokers throughout the motor trade industry has seen the emergence of conmen, who are known as “ghost brokers” throughout the motoring industry. The BBC reports that [...]