Why can customisation raise your insurance premiums?

The vehicles people drive may come off the assembly line identical in every way apart from their VIN, but the relationship between them can be far more personal.

Automakers understand this, offering endless trims and custom features that allow car buyers to kit out their rides to suit their tastes.

For others, customisations come later, from body kits to turn heads to state-of-the-art sensors for parking, but whether you drive a courier van or a taxi, if you’re planning to alter your vehicle, read on for some reasons why your insurance might be set to spike.

How car insurance is impacted by modifications

If driving is part of your work, it’s no shame to take pride in your vehicle’s appearance or in wanting it to operate in peak condition. However, while such customisations may increase your car’s image and performance, they can also cause a rise in your insurance premiums by as much as five per cent.

When this is the case, you must at least factor in the benefits of your modifications compared to the added cost, ensuring you’re making an informed decision.

Customisations increase risk

The key reason for a rise in premiums is the same as with other sorts of cover, customisations can represent a greater risk.

Insurers calculate policy prices by employing statistics, so when a driver operating a high-performance vehicle is more likely to be part of a collision, then providers reason that their premiums should be higher to cover the risk.

Additionally, vehicles that have been modified for enhanced appearance are more likely to be stolen, presenting an attractive target for thieves. Again, this increased risk will cause your premiums to inflate.

Ask the experts

Whether you’re planning on tinting the windows of your truck or adding decals to the side of your taxi, if you’re concerned that your plans for personalisation will result in higher premiums, we can help.

With extensive experience in offering the most cost-effective insurance cover available, you can depend on us for expert advice when it comes to any modification you have in mind and how it may impact your insurance.