The most popular motorhomes in the UK

Although work is important, there is more to life than work. Sometimes, you need to take some time off your busy schedule and travel with your family, friends, or alone. Adventure creates memories.

Everyone dreams of waking up in an exciting and new place. This dream could come true with a motorhome. You can comfortably travel to any place that you desire with your house on wheels. If you want to buy one, here are some of the UK’s most popular motorhomes. Remember that you will need effective motor trade insurance after purchasing a motor home.

Roller Team

The Roller Team’s price ranges from £43,000 to £66,000. This Italian vehicle has a modern and stylish interior. Its chassis is also very sturdy which allows for easy manoeuvrability and on-road handling.

The motorhome is fitted with flexible and smart internal layouts that perfectly suits your needs. It has relaxing and modern kitchen areas that are well-equipped. It also has a perfectly compact design.

It comes in various classes, namely, Zefiro, T-Line, Toleno and Auto-Roller. If you are planning on having a quick getaway, then Toleno would suit you well. The other classes are very spacious and well-suited for groups and family.


Hymers are famed for their muscular styling. Each model comes with either silver or grey shades. These shades provide a unique and catchy look when they are parked among cream and standard white cars. Their attractiveness does not end there; they have sleek lines and warm wood veneers on the inside. As a result, they integrate with modern compartments.

The Hymer also has space-saving and innovative tricks in its bedroom and washroom to ease usability and comfortability. In the past, this motorhome used to be heavily-built, but the manufacturer reduced its weight to be lighter and easier to drive. The vehicle comes in various ranges, and all are worth buying.


Dethleffs price ranges from £48,000 to £130,000. Although they are costly, they are built with cutting edge technology and are of high quality. The motorhome comes with drop-down beds, making it well suited for small groups, families, and couples on vacation.

The vehicle has a low-profile built, and this creates easy handling. On the inside, it has sturdy fixtures, roomy seating, and comfortable and lighting states. All these give you the feeling of being at home.

Its entry-level Trend model has different layouts which suit each need, while its upmarket Pulse model has beautiful modern features. The motorhome has a good body construction guarantee, and after insuring it, you will enjoy security, endurance and durability.


Its price ranges from £46,000 to £147,000. Most of these motorhomes are SMART-built and are well constructed. They also have a world-class standard protection system. Your security and comfortability in this motorhome are guaranteed with this feature.

The motorhome effortlessly combines British sensibilities and modern designs to come up with its amazing interior and exterior. The combination also results in a spacious feel despite its compact dimensions. Also, the motorhome comes in various ranges from which you can pick.


Only used models of these motorhomes are available in the market because Swift took over the Bessacarr brand. Their market price ranges from £10,000 to £64,000, and you can bargain for a lower price. Its exterior design is not outdated and it offers a standard, comfortable, and large interior design.

A Bessacarr has beautiful kitchen facilities and extra-large fridges. If you are a fuel economist, this motorhome is well-suited as it does not consume a lot of fuel. When you combine the right insurance with its quality build, you can expect quality services from this motorhome for decades.

The best motorhomes for couples

The Swift Select

The Swift Select’s asking price starts from £47,000. The model is very flexible, and it is a good choice if you are buying your first campervan. It comes with a van conversion, and this makes driving easy and cost-effective. Its full array of space-saving features ensures that you get enough space during your adventures.

If the two of you love outdoor adventures, this van will perfectly suit your needs. You can go about your outdoor adventure activities while knowing that you have enough comfortable space.

The motorhome has a 2.3-litre engine, two to three berth options, aircon, and DAB radio. It also supports mp3 and Bluetooth players.

Hymercar Grand Canyon S

The vehicle sits between a campervan and a motorhome, but it offers the best of the two. It also has an external shower and an on-board bathroom. Moreover, it is always ready for adventure. Since it is a four-wheel drive, you will have access to any place at any time.

Although it has a compact nature, it has enough relaxation space. The vehicle also has a stylish and quality finish. Some of its features include a 2.2-litre engine, tall refrigerator, four-wheel-drive option, optional pop-up roof and crosswind and driving assistance. Lastly, it is Mercedes van-derived.

Dethleffs’ Pulse Classic

The Dethleffs’ Pulse Classic is a luxurious motorhome that has enough space and a low price. It is built with cutting edge technology, has plenty of room and elegant fixtures and lighting. The Dethleffs’ Pulse Classic is a top-motorhome choice for vacation due to its excellent built quality.

The vehicle has a 2.3-litre engine, and its living area is fitted with a skylight. Also, it has oven and solar panel options, four berths and ambient lighting states.

Sun Living S 65SL

It is a Fiat Ducato based vehicle whose price starts from £45,000. It has four travel seats, a payload of 818 kilograms, a gross weight of 3,500 kilograms, and three to four berths. The motorhome has a hideaway bathroom and an L-shaped integrated sink and hob unit. Also, it has an adequate cupboard, oven, and worktop space.

Its lounge has conventional things such as a pull-out perch that serves as a footrest. It also has a garage under its beds that has tie-down hooks and two full-sized doors. This motorhome is a growing brand and is perfect for you if you plan on going for a continental tour.

Final words

Before you buy a motorhome, you should contact an expert to pick the best motorhome for your needs. Also, contact a motorhome insurance company and consider the motorhome insurance they offer. If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.