Surprising factors that affect your premium

When you come to getting insurance for your vehicle, there are a lot of questions that you usually have to answer. It’s hard to determine which of these are important and which others are not. You know that age, no claims bonus and your vehicle type are important but what about other factors? Here we take a look at surprising aspects which can increase your premiums.

Your address 

When you give your address, it’s not just so that they have your contact information. Insurance brokers will actually make a risk assessment based on where you live. If you live in a place with high population density or high crime rates, then you’ll likely see your premiums increase.

Your marital status

You may wonder why on earth you’d have to pay different rates depending on whether or not you’re in a relationship. The statistics, however, tell us that married people have fewer accidents than those who are single. It’s statistics such as these that are used to calculate premiums. 

Your occupation

If you have a taxi or you’re a courier and driving is a part of your job, then it’s understandable why your premiums might be higher as you will be on the road more often. Regular insurance companies will assess the risk based on your job. Some could be riskier for vehicles than others and this is all taken into account.

Where you park

Where you leave your car at night is also going to have an impact on your premium. Your insurance company wants to know that the car is going to be safe and secure at all times. Keeping it in a garage is a lot better than leaving it in the street.

Having another car

Interestingly, if you have access to another car then this will likely bring down your premiums. It makes sense as it means that the car that you are getting insured might not be driven as often and is, therefore, less of a risk.

Get the right protection

With all these different aspects which can affect your premium, it’s important that you use an insurer which will always give you the fairest possible price. If you need any type of vehicle insurance, contact us today to see what we can do.