Sensible Extras for your Van Insurance

When applying for insurance, it can be very tempting to go for the cheapest possible option and remove all additional optional cover. This however can be quite risky in the event you have to make a claim.

If you have convictions on your van insurance then your policy could be quite high anyway without then having to pay out additionally for any claims that could have been mitigated with a little extra cover.

Those who have had to make a claim in the past are typically more prone to having to make a claim in the future as well.

What sort of additional cover is available?

There are loads of additional cover options available to choose from. Not all will be appropriate for you but those that are will be worth well adding to your policy.

Goods In Transit Cover

Van are usually used for commercial purposes whether it be for carrying goods such as parcels or carrying tools for trade services you offer.

Vans that carry tools are a target for thieves due to the high value nature of tools. Having tools stolen can put a trader out of business if they are not able to replace them and get back to work quick enough.

If you are a courier and have left a large number of deliveries in your van that end up being stolen, this also can lead to a high claim as well.

Although prices are always subject to change, the below provides a rough indication of what you could pay per level of coverage.

  • £1000 worth of cover will cost from around £60 a year.
  • £2500 worth of cover will cost from around £85 a year.
  • £5000 worth of cover will cost from around £110 a year.

As you can see, you can get a lot of protection for not a lot extra.

Van Breakdown Cover

When your van breaks down, it will stop you from working straight away. Roadside assistance can be extremely expensive as well as take quick a long time to reach you if you do not already have a policy in place.

The cost of breakdown recovery differs from policy to policy as well as where you would like assistance if required. It is best to ask the advisor on the call when you are discussing your quote.

Excess Insurance

With every policy there will be an excess payment in the event of a claim. The excess is the amount you pay in order to make a claim. The lower the excess payment, the higher the policy generally therefore the higher the excess, the lower the policy.

Many people ramp up their excess in order to reduce the cost of their policy.

Excess insurance is designed to reimburse you that payment regardless of its size. Again, although subject to change, you can expect to get excess van insurance starting from the following.

  • £300 excess protection from £40.
  • £500 excess protection from £50.
  • £1000 excess protection from £70.

As you can see, you can ramp up your excess quite considerably lowering your policy but then pay for the additional excess insurance allowing you to claim back the excess amount. Effectively, with this insurance in place you turn a £1000 excess into £70 in the event of making a claim.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal cover is designed to cover the cost of legal representation in the event of a legal claim. Legal cover can start from at little as £40 a year and cover up to £100,000 of legal costs.

Van Insurance

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