How to get the best insurance after a conviction

You’ve made a mistake and you’re trying to move on with your life. Then it comes to obtaining car insurance and you find it’s a struggle as you’re a convicted driver. It can be a difficult situation but one that can be made easier by taking the right steps.

Compare Specialist Cover

Some insurance companies won’t want to touch a driver with a record and will penalize them with unreasonable premiums. It’s best to find a broker who specialises in helping you find car insurance for convicted drivers and won’t give you premium that is unrealistic to afford.

Increase your excess

You should never increase your excess to more than you can afford but after a conviction, it’s a good idea to leave it as high as possible. This will bring down your premium to ensure that you’re not paying an astronomical sum each month for your cover.

Lower your mileage

Another way to reduce your premium is to have lower mileage. It’s worth considering other modes of transport or perhaps car sharing. This will not only bring down your premium but it will also lower the chance of you having to claim on your insurance.

Keep your car secure

With insurance after a conviction, the last thing you want is something else which is going to increase your premium. Keeping your car secure as possible will help to eliminate any risks and make sure that you don’t have to make a claim.

Consider telematics

Having a little black box in your car isn’t going to be ideal for most people. If an insurance company thinks that you might be high risk, then it’s a good way of lowering that risk as you will get to prove that you’re a sensible driver. 

Change your ways

It could be that you like to speed or maybe you have been convicted of a drink driving offence. It’s now the time to reign it in and drive sensibly. The consequences of a repeat offence could mean having your licence taken away. The result of sensible driving will be the conviction dropping off your record after a few years and also building up your no claims bonus.

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