How much can a speeding conviction affect your insurance?

Speeding convictions are one of those this that at some point, the vast majority of road users get caught for. But what affect does a speeding conviction really have on your driving licence?

On average, those who find themselves gaining a second speeding conviction and declaring it like a law abiding citizen, find themselves with a policy increase of roughly 14% or £72 on average a year.

I report carried out by MoneySuperMarket though unveiled that only 1 in 10 motorists declare their speeding points when getting a car insurance quote.

By not declaring your speeding points, you run the risk of landing yourself in a lot more trouble and in the event of an accident, your insurance is instantly void and will not pay out. In short, not declaring your points is fraud.

What days do people normally get caught speeding?

The survey showed that Sunday was the most common day to be caught speeding, specifically around the hours of 4am in the morning when roads are quiet.

This was followed closely by Saturday.

At the other end of the scale, Wednesday is the least common day to be caught speeding with most drivers obeying the speed limit.

Why were people speeding?

The vast majority of people surveyed said they simply were not paying attention to the speeding limit. 4 of out 10 people said they were running late and roughly 2 out of 10 people said they speed out of habit (brutally honest).

How to keep your convicted insurance down

So what can you do if you gain convictions on your licence?

Awareness courses

If you are caught speeding, it is worth seeing if you can take part in a speed awareness course. These courses can be exchanged for speeding points. You will still have to pay the fine but you won’t have the additional points on your drivers licence.

Specialist Convicted Insurance

Apply for specialist cheap convicted driver insurance. By using a convicted insurance broker, you will be able to benefit from specialist policies and knowledgeable advisors. This will come even more useful if looking for convicted van insurance and require commercial aspects on your policy.

Black Box fitting

Although a black box is not a favourite method of insuring a vehicle, it can drastically reduce premiums on the basis that you consistently show that you can drive safely and within the confides of the law.