How Long Do I Have To Declare DR10 or DR30 To Insurance Companies

Not knowing how long you have to declare your conviction codes to your insurance company is quite a common question.

A DR Conviction code is considered a major offence as attempting to drive whilst impaired posses great risk not only to the driver but to others. As such, having been caught drink driving, a driving ban is to be served and a conviction code applied to the license.

Difference between a DR10 and DR30 Conviction Code

Both DR10 and DR30 codes relate to those who have been caught drink driving. However, if you have a DR30 code, this means you refused to give a sample whether it be breathe, blood or urine.

How much alcohol you had in your system is essentially irrelevant, it is how you behaved once caught.

So, how long do I have to declare my Convictions?

Convictions are considered ‘spent’ after 5 years in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 . As such, after 5 years from the date of conviction you will not be required to declare your conviction codes.

The DR code however will remain on your licence for up to 11 years before it is removed but an insurance company cannot ‘disadvantage’ you after 5 years when looking to insure you.

It is worth noting though that many insurance companies will ask if you have ever been disqualified from driving which currently they may still hold against you.

How will a Drink Driving Conviction affect my insurance?

The simplest way to answer this question is that your policy will become more expensive for the next 5 years whilst you have to declare conviction.

Fewer companies will typically insure those with a dr conviction code meaning for a period of time you will be better off speaking with the drink drive insurance specialists that we work with in order to get an affordable policy.