How a DR Conviction Pushes up Insurance Premiums

Research shows that drivers with a DR Conviction code can face significant increases to their insurance premiums whilst their drink drive conviction is unspent.

Market research carried out by one of the large comparison agencies showed a drink drive conviction on your drivers licence can mean a significant increase in annual insurance costs.

The size of the increase is heavily dependant on age with younger drivers facing the greatest increase. On average, a younger driver will see an increase of around £370 a year where as a driver in their 50’s will see an increase of around £218 a year.

As hot weather comes rounds each year, more individuals enjoy drinking greater quantities of alcohol at events such as BBQ’s etc. It is important to remember to have travel arrangements already in place before you start heavily drinking as after your second pint or glass of wine, it is likely you will be way over the limit.

It is also worth remembering that you can still be over the drink drive limit the following day, especially the morning, if you consumed large quantities of alcohol the day before.

The punishment for being caught drink driving is quite hefty. You will be faced with a large number of points of your licence, a significant fine, a minimum of a 12 month driving ban and possible a prison sentence.

On top of this, you will then require DR10 Car Insurance which will likely carry a 50% to 130% increase in price compared to what you are currently paying.

When all that is taken into consideration, the cost of a taxi home becomes quite small.