Getting Car Insurance with a Drink Driving Conviction

After being convicted of drink driving, drivers will receive a ban. Once this ban is over, most people will want to get behind the wheel again. That means they will need to be insured.

Can you get car insurance again following a drink driving conviction?

Just as there are loans available for people with a poor credit history, there are drink driver insurance options available to those who have been convicted of drink driving. Of course, the terms on offer will be different than they would be for most drivers. However, getting insurance after a ban due to drink driving is an essential step in getting back on the road.

Drink drivers will always be seen as a higher risk from the perspective of an insurer, but there are now insurers out there who specialise in this type of cover. A growing number of conventional insurers are willing to consider providing insurance to a convicted drink driver.

How will drink driving affect the cost of car insurance?

If you have been convicted of drink driving, you will have to pay more for your banned driver insurance compared to a regular driver. Your original insurer may still be willing to provide you with cover, but you can expect your premiums to increase; in some cases, they will double. How much your premiums increase by will largely come down to how severe your case is.

A drink driving conviction, known as a DR10, won’t just increase your premiums. You will also be expected to pay a larger voluntary excess.

Keeping your costs low

Even though your convicted driver insurance will be more expensive as a convicted drink driver, there are still steps you can take to keep your costs as low as possible. For example, completing a drink driver’s rehabilitation course will make insurers feel a bit better about offering you cover. If you are banned for 12 months or more, you will usually be offered to you following your conviction.

If you’re willing to consider a different vehicle, switching to a car in a lower insurance group can reduce your costs.

A drink driving conviction is a serious matter and can have far-reaching consequences. However, a DR10 doesn’t mean you can’t get insured to drive again. As long as you are prepared to pay more than you were previously, there are options open to you.