Drivers Risk their car being seized through a simple insurance mistake

A simple mistake is putting many drivers at risk of having their car impounded along with an unlimited fine and a driving ban.

Many motorists are driving their friends or spouse’s car thinking that they are covered by their own insurance premium. Around 1500 drivers a year are found to be caught out thinking they were insured when in fact they were not and consequently had their car impounded.

The motor insurance bureau found in a survey that between July of 2016 and June of 2018, 3000 motorists lost their vehicles to the pound! What’s worst, it wasn’t even their own vehicle that got impounded but that of the owner.

To drive other vehicles, a driver MUST have a ‘DOV’ (Drive Other Vehicles) extension on their policy.

Around 40% of calls to MIB’s Police Helpline was officers calls to check whether or not the driver they had just pulled over had a DOV extension.

Many motorists assume that they are allowed to driver other vehicles especially if they insure their own car under a fully comp style policy. Where this used to be the case that you could drive other vehicles on a fully comprehensive policy, now, it is not and a DOV must be purchased.

The owner of who’s car is impounded will then be required to retrieve the car. To do this they will be required to take out an impounded car insurance policy (a normal policy is not enough) and pay all fees required by the impound.

Drivers when getting behind the wheel of someone else’s vehicle should stop and think ‘am I really insured to drive this’ before pulling away.

You may have a fully comprehensive policy that once before did offer third party cover on other vehicles but that is not the case now. The only time an insurer map pay out driving someone else’s car without a DOV extension would be if it is a genuine emergency but then it is still unlikely.