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What is Motorhome Insurance?

Motorhome Insurance is a legal requirement as is designed specifically to protect vehicles that are lived in by their owners whether for a short or extended period of time.

Motorhome protection found through us will take into account all the personal belongings and possessions that often go hand in hand with motorhomes and camper vans in general.

Like car insurance, you can be covered against accidents and even theft of the vehicle in the usual format of Third Party, Third Party FT and Fully Comprehensive.

Before any trip, motorhome owners should ensure they have appropriate motorhome cover.

What is covered

Policies are completely tailorable to your own needs. However, below we have broken down what you can expect and what you can add to your policy.

Standard Cover

Standard cover refers to the insurance cover needed to drive the vehicle on the road. Offered in Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive much like normal car insurance.

The level of cover you choose however will determine how protected your motorhome is.

Contents Cover

Contents cover refers to the protection of your motorhomes contents whether fixed or not fixed. It can cover items or possessions accidentally damaged or just lost whilst away.

Similar to home insurance, you will be able to select how much level of cover you would like.

European Cover

European cover quite simply allows you to travel around Europe. The level of cover offered may differ slightly when in Europe so we suggest checking with the advisor as to the exact level of cover offered.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for you motorhome is generally an addon. It can be tailored to either get you to your destination or just to the closest garage.

Windscreen Cover

This is often included as standard but it is definitely worth checking to ensure it is on your policy.

Cheap Motorhome Insurance

Everyone is always looking for a deal but being able to het cheap motorhome insurance is not always a given. When you apply for insurance, certain things will be taken into account such as the value of the vehicle, the miles you drive, the level of caravan insurance you wish to have and many other aspects.

If you have a good claims history though and only looking to include cover that you need, then your chances of getting cheap motorhome insurance go up.

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