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Finding the right road risk insurance has never been easier. Working with leading motor trader insurance brokers, we have are able to link you up with a Cheap Road Risk Policy.

Our process is quick and easy, simply give us a call or apply online and one of our experienced agents will get to work find the right cover for you.

What is road risks insurance?

Road risk insurance is required if you need to move a vehicle from one place to another place within the daily running’s of your business, whether it be to buy and sell them, or to take a customer’s vehicle back to your premises in order to undergo maintenance and repair works.

Road risk insurance is the minimum level of insurance that you must have in order to meet the legal requirement for working a business that requires you to deal with vehicles that are not your own.

What does road risk insurance cover?

Road risk insurance policies allow you to drive vehicles that you do not own in order to carry out work. This is essential for motor traders who purchase vehicles from an auction house, or a mechanic who delivers a vehicle back to a customer. With road risk insurance, you will be covered in the event of an incident or accident in these situations. As with normal private insurance, there are three levels of cover available for road risk insurance:

Third Party Only

A third party only (TPO) policy covers the damage that may occur to other people, or their property in the event of an accident. An example of this would be if you reverse into someone else’s car whilst in a car park.  In this scenario, your insurance would cover the damage to the other car, but not the car you are currently driving. Because of this, third party only cover is the minimal level of cover available.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) cover offers the same level of coverage as the aforementioned third party only cover, but also covers the vehicle in your possession in the event of a fire or theft of the vehicle.


As the name suggests, a comprehensive policy offers the most amount of protection and includes the cover of the vehicle currently in your possession in the event of any damage sustained in an accident regardless of fault. This comes alongside the benefits of both a TPO and a TPFT policy.

Who should buy road risk insurance policies?

Road risk policies are designed for those who work within the motor trade business – whether it be part time or full time. Whilst all motor traders will need a road risks policy in order to operate their business, road risks policies may not be suitable for those who own a multitude of vehicles that they use on a personal basis.

In order to have a road risks policy, you will need to provide proof of work within the motor trade business, this can be in the form of receipts for parts if you are a mechanic, or vehicle sales receipts if you work with buying and selling vehicles.

Where can I find the best prices for a road risks insurance policy?

In order to find the best possible price for your road risks cover, you will need to shop around, different brokers offer different premiums based on your own specific needs and requirements. Because of this, prices may vary drastically from broker to broker.

The good news is that here at Total, we work with a multitude of brokers on a personal level, and are able to direct you to the brokers that will meet your requirements at the most competitive prices with a simple vetting process that only takes about 3 minutes.

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