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Are you a mobile mechanic and looking for a cheap insurance policy?

We work with UK leading Mobile Mechanics Insurance brokers who have access to the most competitive policies.

What is Mobile Mechanics Insurance?

Mobile Mechanic Insurance is a policy designed for those that repair cars on the road at clients homes. It is a motor traders insurance policy that can be tailored to cover the driving of customer vehicles, tools whilst out and about as well as the crucial element of Public Liability to protect you against working within public areas.

How does Mobile Insurance differ from Standard Mechanics Insurance?

First off and maybe the most obvious difference, you will be operating from a van. This means that tools etc are maybe not as secure as if they were locked in a premises. Secondly, you will be working on the road and at clients homes which, if you have been working as a mobile mechanic for a while, you will know conditions can be less than ideal. As such, a thorough public liability policy is essential.

A mobile car mechanic policy will full under a typical Road Risk style policy as opposed to a combined policy (unless you have a premises you wish to insure also).

What can my policy cover?

Your policy will be completely tailorable to your needs. Every business is different, as such, the insurance policy to protect it should be as well.

The brokers we work with will be able to offer you a wide range of policy features that will cover you for being ‘just on the road’ or both road and static based.

Policy features can include (but not limited to).

  • Full or Part Time Mechanics
  • Tools & Portable Tool Cover
  • Cover to drive vehicles
  • Cover for your own vehicle
  • Building & Contents cover
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability (legal requirement if you employ people)
  • Split indemnity
  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Multiple Drivers
  • Convictions coverable

Why use us at Total Insurance?

We employ a team of knowledgable advisors who have years of experience in finding the right insurance broker for you. We help thousands of Motor Traders find themselves competitive policies offering complete and tailored cover each month.

We can help cover all types of Mobile Mechanic trading in any way shape or style.

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