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We work with a number of specialists to help you compare mechanics insurance. By comparing brokers and their policies, you will be in a better chance of finding a policy right for your business without over paying.

What is car mechanics insurance?

A car mechanics insurance policy is a policy designed to cover those who repair vehicles and cars for a living.

Types of cover can include a whole array of things such as equipment, tools, machinery, public liability insurance, the customer vehicle, the business premises and much more.

This type of policy falls under a motor traders insurance policy which, unless you with to insure a premises as well, will more than likely be broken down to a road risk insurance policy.

Many car mechanics operate from a separate. If this is you, you may benefit from a combined motor trade insurance as this can cover the building as well.

Who needs mechanics insurance?

A mechanics policy is an essential requirement of any motor trader that is repairing vehicles to earn money. Regardless of whether you work full or part time, if you repair vehicles as either and engine based or body work based professionally to earn money, you will require mechanic policy.

If you travel around repairing vehicles at peoples premises, then you may wish to apply for mobile mechanics insurance.

Levels of cover

Your policy will be tailored and suited around your individual needs. Whether you work full time or part time, from home or from a separate premises.

Your motor trade insurance will be broken down into 3 tiers of which you can choose from.

Third Party Only

This is the very minimum level of cover allowed for you to trade. It will cover only the third party and none of your own equipment of vehicles should you be involved in an accident that was your fault.

This means, should you be involved in an accident, the other person will be covered but you will. You yourself will be liable for the damage caused to your own stuff.

Third Party Fire & Theft Only

This level of cover is identical to the above but includes protection for should your tools, equipment of vehicle be stolen are set on fire.


Comprehensive cover is the most thorough level of covered and most recommend even if it does cost a little more. It covers everything that the above levels of cover protect but also covers you are the policy holder.

Benefits of mechanic insurance policies

Your policy will be able to include anything you wish to cover, you will simply just need to explain that to the underwriter when you speak to them. In short though, your mechanics cover will be tailored primarily around whether you require a combined traders policy or road risk policy.

The polices are completely tailorable but can cover:
– Building & contents
– Liability cover
– Public liability
– Employers liability
– Tools and Machinery
– Lifting tables
– Courtesy cover
– No Claims Bonus Protection
– Sales & service indemnity
– Driving Convictions
– Combined Insurances
– All other motor trade insurances

Can a mechanics policy cover me at home?

Yes, this type of policy is not just for those with a premises away from home. If you trade from your home address regardless of full or part time, a mechanics insurance can still cover you.

Why compare policies with Total Insurance

We work with a wide range of motor trade brokers who have access to some of the most competitive policies.

When you apply through us, we short list and find the best broker most suited to you and connect you up. This ensures you don’t have to shop around yourself as we do it for you.

Our team of knowledgeable advisors will know what sort of thing you are looking for from your car mechanics policy, they will process your request and connect you to the most appropriate and competitive brokers helping you find cheap mechanics insurance.

The insurance broker we place you with will be registered in England and authorised and regulated but the financial conduct authority so you can rest assured with peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

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