TrustFord Funds New IT Infrastructure Across 60 Sites

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New IT infrastructure has been installed across 60 of TrustFords UK sites.

The group ranked ninth in Motor Trader Top 200 and has recently partnered wth the ANS group, a managed services provider that uses cloud technology in order to boost its computer network capabilities alongside a rejuvenation of its IT systems throughout the UK.

The IT infrastructure contains new Wide Area Network (WAN) capabilities, and is hoped to be able to significantly boost the company’s bandwidth and network speeds.

TrustFord seem to be the latest in an increasing amount of companies moving towards cloud technology, a system that allows more to be done on a network with increased efficiency – such as an increased amount of apps being able to be run at a single time.

In a statement issued to Motor Trader News, ANS reported that the new implementations will aid in customer engagement throughout dealerships by bringing technology to the forefront of the dealership experience.

However, the system is also said to massively boost internal technological communications, and add an updated security wall to TrustFords network infrastructures.

The overhaul will also aid in the acceleration of the FordStore concept – a new digitally-led experience that TrustFord hopes to increase customer engagements and understanding of new vehicles via technological displays of performance and features via interactive displays, apps and videos.

Perhaps most importantly, the new network will enable the release and distribution of new car technology updated being created for smart cars, meaning that customers can always stay up to date with the latest software updates for their vehicle.

Andy Pocock, IT director at TrustFord stated that:

“We are the largest Ford dealer in the UK and pride ourselves on our forward-thinking, application-led IT strategy. The team at ANS understand our vision and have exceeded our expectations. We’re confident that this project will future-proof our IT so we can be even more agile and adapt to changing business needs in years to come,” said Andy Pocock, IT director at TrustFord.

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS, also commented on this, adding that: “TrustFord is leading the way in the motor industry, and it has been quick to adopt the latest technology in order to deliver a better experience for both customers and staff. We are looking forward to the start of a very successful working relationship and supporting TrustFord’s growth through technology.”