Toyota Camry To Be Brought Back To The UK Market After 14 Year Layoff

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It has been 14 years since the classic name of the Toyota Camry has graced our new vehichle forecourts – but now out of the blue Toyota has announced that it is looking to bring it back to the UK market place. This will be the Camry’s eighth incarnation and will be in the form of the Camry Hybrid and will replace the Avensis which is on its way out and will become Toyota’s D segment challenger.

This addition to their range will now see Toyota offer eight different hybrid models in the European market place including the popular RAV4 SUV through to the compact Yaris.

The fact that in the North American market place Toyota’s Camry is the daddy and has dominated this sector for 15 years on the trot may well have had a deciding factor in their decision to bring it back into the UK market. They have amassed an impressive 19 million Camry sales since inception back in 1982.

The Hybrid Camry will feature a 2.5 Litre petrol engine alongside the electric powertrain based on the Toyota New Global Architecture and was shown off back in 2017 at the Detroit Motor Show.

The designers have been able to offer more cabin space by extending the roofline while maintaining the car’s performance offering with a well designed glasshouse. The exterior curves don’t just stop on the outside but are mirrored internally with a curved instrument panel made for the driver, yet the length of the Camry’s wheelbase gives greater space in the back of the car for passenger comfort.

It is a car that has certainly got car traders excited.

Up against stiff competition in the form of the Lexus ES which is coming to the UK in 2019, we will see which car wins in the UK market place.

We await the full equipment & performance spec alongside the pricing options which will be released in due course.