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Business owners can sometimes find it hard to understand the finer points of their insurance policy. Which is to be expected and it is more common then you may think. Insurance companies don’t exactly make it easier for people to understand their policies.

In the motor trade industry knowing all about your coverage plan is important; it can help keep you protected from liabilities. If you end up driving a car that is not covered or perform a service that doesn’t fall under the plan, it could leave you vulnerable should anything go wrong. To make sure you are never in situation like that, you should visit

Total Insurance is an excellent resource for all sorts of motor trade insurance information. They provide important information about insurance policies on their website. With this information they ensure that every tradesman knows about the major or troublesome features of their insurance policies and they can protect themselves better.

A spokesperson from Total Insurance talked about the availability of the information. He said, “We are one of the UK’s biggest quote comparison websites. Many people belonging to the motor trade industry use our site to find the best coverage plan for their business. We thought it best to provide essential information about motor trade insurance policies [on the site] as well; it can help people be better informed about the policy they are getting.”

Everything that stumps you about your policy, you can learn from the information available on From basic information; such as what will be covered by a standard motor trade insurance policy, to more specific information about how would the addition of another driver to your staff affect your insurance policy.

Total Insurance is a treasure trove for anyone in the motor trade insurance industry; the crucial information is just a small part of the resources they provide. The website mainly serves the purpose of comparing different insurance policies. You can compare policies from different companies and find the one that has the best coverage and most affordable premiums.

The process of finding the best motor trade insurance policy couldn’t be simpler. You can take out a few minutes out of your busy schedule and fill out a form. You can receive a quote with the best priced insurance policies for the parameters that you provide.