Servicing Stop admits having to turn away work

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The national chain Servicing Stop has admitted having to unfortunately turn customers away through not enough garage having 24hr online booking facilities to deal with demand.

The company backed by dragons den Deborah Meaden has 1200 garages on its box but is in urgent need to sign more in order to cope with demand.

Over the last year, Serving Stop has seen a 30% increase in consumers using its site to book serving and MoT’s but say’s it is struggling to cope with a lack of independent garages with 24hr online booking abilities.

“The number of consumers booking a service or MoT online is growing sharply. If independents and garages want to grow their servicing and MoT work, they need to be able to offer consumers online bookings 24/7. It is a well known fact that when it comes to buying services, the speed of fulfilment is vital to win over the consumer,”

said Toby Richmond, director of Servicing Stop.

Servicing Stop offers smaller independent companies the chance to compete against large automotive chains on order to keep trading.

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