How to sell more cars

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Too often, car dealers don’t actually drive the cars they sell or work with on a day to day basis. This is due to multiple reasons, some tax based if taking home and others just laziness or time based. Whichever cause stops you driving the vehicles you are due to sell, stop and turn it around.

When it comes to selling, above anything you must believe in what it is you’re selling! I have a good friend who now works for a reputable German car manufacture and this is the 3rd dealership he has worked for. He started off working on selling second hand cars, then moved to selling brand new cars and then to where he is today.

He un-doubtingly meets and exceeds all his sales targets and has done so at every garage he has worked at. Why is this? It is heavily down to him taking the time to drive each vehicle he has for sale. Granted this is slightly more difficult with multiple second hand cars of mixed brands but he took out the cars where higher profit margins were, learnt their pros and cons and more so what makes that vehicle special. When a potential sale came his way, equipped with his new found knowledge, he was able to deliver and complete more sales than any other salesman he worked alongside.

Now working for a truly flagship brand (a brand I myself are fanatical about), he still takes the time to drive every car (even taking them home) and by doing so, he believes in his brand, the cars he sells and their ability to deliver the drivers drive! I frequently meet him and he will have the latest top of the range model parked on his drive where he smashed another sales target and this was his reward.

So, if you want to sell more cars, get your sales team out there driving them, have them learn each cars pros and cons. This may cost you an extra £30 on fuel but if it means you close more sales and you have a happier sales team for driving multiple cars doing what they enjoy, surely it’s a no brainer right?

As always though, please make sure you have relevant protection in place with either a full time or part time traders insurance to ensure your sales team and business are OK should something bad happen.